4 brilliant Valentine's Day gift ideas for singles!

The romance and special celebrations typical of the Valentine's Day are not exactly loved by everyone. Some just aren't very interested in the clichés of this date, or some aren't even engaged ...

But why do we have to follow the traditions ?! If you are thinking of buying a cute gift for your convinced cat cat friend, or you are interested in buying some original gifts for your sweet, who is a bit skeptical, we have created for you a list with 4 ingenious and unconventional gift ideas from San Valentine!

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For wine lovers: a glass that honors her passion!

Is there anything better than a nice glass of wine after a long day? We recommend a glass that honors your passion (or your friend's passion). It's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for all singles who prefer to drink with their friends rather than waste time on romantic dates.

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For those who love art: a poster with their favorite icon

For lovers of art and graphic design, a poster with a stylized creation of your icon can be a great gift idea for your friends (and you too). Available in sizes A1, A2, A3 and A4 and paper weight 200 g / m² It costs only € 10 and there are other models on Amazon.

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For design lovers: O "Bag watch

Another great gift for design lovers: the O clock from the renowned O "Bag brand is perfect for those who love accessories and stay on time! This watch is interesting because it is easily customizable, and its face can be removed and combined with other colored hypoallergenic rubber straps. We love this orange and yellow version, but we also found several models of straps and watch faces on Amazon at a great price.

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For convinced female cats: a fun t-shirt

The old cat lady, that is, the cat lady as they say in Italy, is the "only cliché we can afford this Valentine's Day. We made this exception only because we found the funniest t-shirt for sale on Amazon. If you have a" friend who loves cats and has no limit for the growth of her furry family, this will surely be the ideal gift!

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