Carbonator for sparkling water: a little help for the planet

Sparkling water represents about 30% of bottled water purchased. Since people are crazy about it, a carbonator allows you to avoid consuming more and more plastic, but also to save money. The more you consume, the more you will benefit from it. In addition to the savings it generates, waste reduction is certainly the number one advantage of carbonators for sparkling water.
Here's why you should buy one!

It does not require electricity.

If, despite the reduction in plastic, you are afraid to compensate your consumption with electricity, that is wrong! Most machines run without electricity. Energy savings go up to 100%. You will only need tap water to enjoy. all kinds of carbonated drinks. So less bottling and less waste of plastic and paper!

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Goodbye degassed water!

When you buy sparkling water or fizzy drinks in a plastic bottle, the bubbles tend to evaporate quite quickly. This is why we must finish the drink as soon as possible, causing excessive consumption. Worse still, sometimes it is necessary to throw the bottle almost full, thus creating a waste, a real plague! With carbonators, it is possible to create the desired quantity and it is not necessary to open a liter bottle or a liter and a half if you are not very thirsty.

Savings, practicality, ease of use

In addition to being environmentally friendly, carbonators are also very economical. In fact, this Tibek machine will greatly reduce your budget if you are a fan of all kinds of soft drinks.
The brand offers an easy-to-use machine. Just turn the bottle and press the button which will release CO2 before introducing it into your bottle. Once the drink is ready, unscrew the bottle in the opposite direction.

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A considerable decrease in the number of bottles

Sodastream remains the reference point for carbonating machines. Its machines are very efficient, like the one we propose below. Running without battery or electricity, it makes soft drinks in the blink of an eye.
In addition, the brand saves the equivalent of 1050 plastic bottles in three years, the average consumption of a family. To optimize recycling, Sodastream has set up an exchange system. Used bottles can then be put back on the market. Great!


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