Weekly horoscope from 2 to 8 July 2018: don't give up, Aquarius!

Aries: great!

Dear Aries, a really good week awaits you! The planet Venus will make you feel more loved and desired than ever by lighting the fire of passion. Super-lucky days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon will be in conjunction. At work there will be no shortage of opportunities and awards: do not wait and come forward! In the middle of the week you can have some really interesting encounters ...

Taurus: be careful ...

Dear Taurus, you are not having a very fortunate moment from a sentimental point of view. Venus in an unfavorable position makes your relationship quite nervous. For singles it will be difficult to make meetings destined to last: if you know someone interesting, be careful not to rush too much or you might get burned ... Attention also at work: use caution, especially on Monday. On the other hand, the one on Sunday is luckier.

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Gemini: so much luck!

Dear Gemini, are you ready to receive a nice surprise? Be ready, because on Thursday, Friday and Saturday everything will be possible! You will only have to bear a little patience between Tuesday and Wednesday, when an unfavorable moon will put a spoke in the wheel ... everything will work out for the best in the following days. Venus gives you luck in love: you will realize that you have someone very special by your side.

Cancer: ups and downs ...

Dear Cancer, alternating highs and lows is part of your character, but be careful not to pull too hard this week! The stars do not foresee particular difficulties, and everything will go smoothly, were it not for some too much bad mood on Thursday, Friday and Saturday ... Try to be as rational as possible and you will realize that you have every solution at your fingertips. but no. Find out now the three best adjectives to describe your sign:

Leone: at the top!

Dear Leone, in this first week of July no one will be able to stop you! You have both Venus and Mercury in conjunction in your sign: every day for you will be full of emotions, encounters and surprises to remember! Whether it's your partner, friends or family, you will feel surrounded by great affection and your innate generosity will be amply rewarded. Attention only to some small inconvenience possible on Monday.

Virgo: two days off ...

Dear Virgo, this week for your sign will see two rather heavy days: that of Tuesday and Wednesday. The opposition of the moon will make you feel somewhat nervous and you will have the impression that everything is going wrong. Put the negativity aside: the planets are on your side and you have nothing to fear. At the weekend you will be able to recover your serenity. It will be especially on Sunday to give you special moments.

Libra: you will overcome every obstacle!

Dear Libra, in this period you are building something solid and lasting, whether it is a career that goes smoothly or a love that becomes more and more important.Also this week will help you progress on this beautiful path. Do not worry, then, if on Thursday, Friday and Saturday some difficulties may arise: the opposite moon will put obstacles in your path, but you will know how to overcome them.

Scorpio: no anxiety!

Dear Scorpio, do not get anxious this week if it seems to you that everything goes wrong: Venus and Mercury in an unfavorable position will tend to make you see everything black, but it will only be a period of blockage. Be patient - things will soon turn for the better. The hardest day to face will be Sunday, when you will have the moon in opposition. Instead, aim for the luckiest days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Sagittarius: what a moon!

Dear Sagittarius, this week for your sign starts in the best way: a beautiful moon will illuminate the day of Monday and, together with the favor of Venus and Mercury, there could be some nice surprises, both in the sentimental and professional fields. Between Tuesday and Wednesday you may feel a little down in the dumps, but it will only be a passing malaise: starting from Thursday you will be back more charged and spirited than before!

Capricorn: in search of balance ...

Dear Capricorn, you are experiencing a moment of recovery and reconstruction. It is possible that in the last period there has been a big change for you or that you have had to end a relationship, love or work: now you will have all the calm and serenity you need to find the balance you need. The best days of the week will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Days off: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Aquarius: desires to escape ...

Dear Aquarius, unfortunately for another week you will have to endure the rather stressful opposition of the two planets Venus and Mercury. You will feel decidedly nervous and the desire to give up everything and leave for a nice solo trip will accompany you frequently ... stay where you are and focus everything on Monday, the luckiest of the week, in which you can count on a beautiful moon in conjunction.

Pisces: lucky days!

Dear Pisces, this week you will be able to count on a splendid moon in your sign on Tuesday and Wednesday: it will be two really lucky days, on which to bet if you have to propose for a job or to make requests of any kind. Sunday is also beautiful, when there will be no lack of emotions. If you are living in a recently born relationship, the heartbeat will not fail and who knows if it is not the right person ...

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