Are you fond of paper books? Discover all the benefits of having an ereader!

Despite being on the market for several years, ereaders or ebook readers still struggle to win the hearts of avid readers. The tactile sensation of paper between your fingers, the scent of printed ink, the ability to underline, make ears to the pages and caress the cover as you do with a pet is incomparable, don't you think? an ereader on paper books. First of all, with an ereader you save on the cover price, because an ebook usually has a lower price than paperback books. Secondly, since it is an e-book reader, you have a considerable saving of paper and ink that is only good for the environment. If you are a "traditional" reader, perhaps these are not enough advantages to convince you. But maybe if you read these other 7 benefits of having an ereader you might change your mind!

1. Nobody can know what you are reading

We all have a guilty pleasure more or less embarrassing. There are those who listen to Justin Bieber, who never miss a date on TV with the most trashy reality show of the moment, and then there are those who have read all of Sophie Kinsella's romance novels. When you realize you want to start the saga of Harry Potter at 30, instead of walking around with the children's cover in plain sight - and catching your niece's comments asking if you're not too old to read certain books - you can hide it all in an ereader. Thanks to a Kindle Voyage you can read on public transport without fear, and you can even pretend you are reading The Discourse on the Method of Descartes as far as we are concerned. The Kindle Voyage is designed specifically for reading on the go: Wi-Fi, lighting that adapts to the surrounding environment, high-resolution screen that does not reflect the sun, PagePress button for turning pages with one hand and battery that lasts weeks. .

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2. You can take as many books as you like with you

Try to imagine this situation: you have to go on vacation and you have decided that you want to devour the whole saga of Harry Potter without being discovered by anyone. You can perhaps pack all 7 tomes of Harry Potter, with their weight and their showiness? Obviously not. And this is where the ereader comes into play, which with just 300 grams of weight allows you to keep the secret and to travel light. Indeed, very light! The philosopher's Stone and get started The Chamber of Secrets without having to change book.

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3. You can read in the dark without bothering anyone

After six hours of travel you have arrived at the home of the relatives and the good news arrives: you will have to sleep with your cousins. The problem is that you have started the third book in the saga of Harry Potter and the prospect of having to turn off the light at midnight with the anxiety of finding out where the heck Sirius Black is is out of the question. Fortunately there is a solution to the potential family feud and tragic reading interruption, and it's still the same: an ereader! The Kindle Paperwhite works like a normal ereader during the day, but in the evening it lights up and allows you to read in the dark. But be careful, it doesn't work like a tablet! normal blue light screens. In addition, it has the option of 3G connection to ward off the fluctuations of grandparents' Wi-Fi.

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4. You can adjust the font size as needed

The grandparents have organized a giant picnic on the beach with all the family and you plan to spend the whole afternoon in the sun like a lizard reading Harry's adventures during the Triwizard Tournament. Too bad you forgot your glasses in your suitcase. so you can't see a damn! No problem: with the ereader you can zoom in and out the font size to your liking.

5. You can read by the sea, in the bathtub ... and in the shower!

Your niece absolutely wants me to help her build a sandcastle by the sea. The idea of ​​stopping reading de The Order of the Phoenix to fill you up with sand and get the kids splashing around bothers you a lot, but thank goodness your Kindle Oasis is water resistant. sitting with your feet in the water reading the adventures of Harry Potter on your ereader.

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6. You'll never lose your place again

At one point, a sudden gust of wind makes your niece's inflatable unicorn take off and screeches in despair. As a superhero aunt, you just have to dive into the water to retrieve it and save the day. Thankfully. no need for a bookmark for your ereader, so saving the unicorn won't make you lose your way. The Half-Blood Prince.

7. The battery lasts for weeks and weeks

The holidays are almost over, you have used up most of your tears while reading the latest book of the saga and the final showdown between Harry Potter and Voldemort is near. You have broken your personal reading record by devouring over 2000 electronic pages in a And yet, you haven't recharged your Kindle yet! Fortunately, you didn't need the charger, since you forgot it at home and you don't know how you would have reacted if the ereader had switched itself off at the most beautiful moment ...

And now that you've finished Harry Potter, what can you read?

Try to imagine having a "whole library like that of de The beauty and the Beast, with thousands and thousands of books just waiting to be read. That would be great, right? Well, with your ereader you can have an almost infinite electronic library (perhaps a little less scenic than Belle's, but still functional). Thanks to the Kindle Unlimited subscription you can read over 20,000 books in Italian for € 9.99 per month, practically the price of a single paper book. In reality, you don't even have to have a Kindle to do this, since you can use the free app on smartphones, PCs and tablets!

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