The 6 best hair straighteners that cost less than 50 euros

Choosing the hair straightener is not easy, because today there are many different types, which guarantee different yields, which have different technologies. If you are looking for the one that suits you best, you are in the right place. We'll show you some, but you can always learn more here by choosing from the best hair straighteners on Amazon:

Hair straighteners on Amazon

The best hair straighteners and ... on super offer!

The best hair straighteners are those that guarantee a lasting result over time, that allow you to reduce the frizz effect and that do not damage the hair in the long term (even if you have to use it correctly to avoid damaging it). "purchase of the plate, therefore, we must take into account the material, the temperature it reaches and, of course, the type of effect we want to achieve!

Best hair straighteners on offer: the KIPOZI Pro
The KIPOZI is a plate with a rather high starting price: we are talking about about 109 euros. It is a narrow straightener with a nano-titanium coating, perfect for straightening even the most frizzy hair. This is because it also reaches 230 °. The technology of this straightener also allows us to select 3 predefined temperatures according to our hair type: 140 ° for fragile hair; 180 ° for damaged or colored hair; 210 ° for healthier hair. Here she is:

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Pros: this straightener has a good quality, it allows you to reach temperatures ranging from 80 ° to 230 °, giving indications of use based on the hair, thanks to the pre-set temperatures. It allows both to smooth the hair and to create beach waves using it in the appropriate way.
Cons: if it's not on offer, it can have a higher cost. Take advantage of it now!

Buy on Amazon for € 31.69

Best hair straighteners on offer: Remington Keratin Therapy Pro
This plate has a starting price of around 79 €, but you can find it on Amazon on offer. It has many interesting features, as announced by its name: it has a ceramic and keratin coating, which takes care of the hair; an adjustable temperature from 160 ° to 230 ° but, most interestingly, the temperature is automatically optimized to avoid damage to the hair! Also interesting are the two oscillating plates that allow you to smooth the hair evenly.


Pro: it is a straightener dedicated to the care of the hair, and the keratin coating and the most "reassuring" function, that is the optimized variation of the temperature according to the needs of the hair, prove it to us.
Cons: the swinging plates "soften" the pressure we give them by squeezing them, and not everyone can find them comfortable.

Buy on Amazon for € 36.50 (54% discount)

The best steam hair straighteners around 50 euros

The advantage of steam plates is to be able to use them at lower temperatures than normal, preserving the hair from dehydration and possible burns. The smooth obtained by steaming should be softer than that obtained with a classic soleplate. It is recognized, of course, by the tank present for the insertion of the water. Here are our proposals.

The best steam hair straighteners: the BaByliss ST395E
This plate has a cost slightly higher than 50 euros (we are talking about 51.99 €) but in reality the starting cost is about 79 €. It has 5 temperature settings, which can go up to 230 °, and the steam heats the hair before the straightening plates do their job. It is particularly suitable for those with curly, wavy or really rebellious hair, which will smooth out in a luminous way thanks to the effect of the steam!


Pros: this straightener also has the ionic function, which allows you to eliminate frizz from the hair due to the static electricity of the hair, with a beautiful shiny and brilliant effect.
Cons: if it is not on offer, the price could be a bit high.

Buy it on offer on Amazon for € 51.99 (-35%)

The best steam hair straighteners: the Spaire MS-768
This plate has the same functionality as the previous one but with some different features, in addition to the lower price. The water tank, unlike the other, is a real vaporizer that can be extracted from the plate, filled, and reinserted into the handle. There are only two temperatures, one at 170 ° and one at 200 °, to be selected according to the type of hair (lower if more fragile).


Pros: the practicality of the vaporizer allows us not to create disasters by directly approaching the plate and water. It can be easily removed and filled separately.
Cons: the possibility of selecting only two temperatures may not satisfy all the needs of the most "complicated" hair.

Buy on Amazon for € 39.99

For wavy or afro hair there are hair straighteners for less than 50 euros!

Many women dream of having beach waves all year round that naturally appear after a nice swim in the sea. But also afro hair that makes volume their strength. There are some narrow plates that allow us, through certain movements, to achieve this. effect, like this one by Remington available on offer on Amazon. But most of the time it is not so easy to know how to move with these tools. This is why we offer you the two best alternatives of hair straighteners that allow us to obtain waves and curls!

The best wavy or afro hair straighteners: the Imetec Bellissima Beach Waves
This plate is an excellent product, also thanks to the value for money. You can manually adjust the temperature from 160 ° to 200 °, as needed. It is coated in ceramic to also guarantee the protection of the hair and, depending on our preference, allows us to create tighter waves in the Afro style but also softer waves reminiscent of beach waves.


Pros: to get the two different types of waves, just rotate it with a simple click and that's it. So, give up the idea of ​​twisting your wrist to try to define a "decent wave!"
Cons: if you have very straight hair, you will need to use a higher temperature, which in the long term may not benefit the hair.

Buy on Amazon for € 43.49 (27% discount)

The best wavy or afro hair straighteners: the Rami Sonar F-11
Unlike the Imetec, this straightener has three curling irons. Coated in ceramic to preserve the hair, it can be set at 180 ° or 250 °. Of course, the choice of temperature will depend on the type of hair which, if already basic curly, may need higher temperatures. The width of the iron is about 3cm.


Pros: it is very cheap and the yield is good for the price. The ceramic coating protects the hair even if the maximum temperature is 250 °.
Cons: having only two temperatures, it is not possible to manually choose the one that best suits your hair. If the 180 ° is not enough to get a good result, it will be necessary to resort to the 250 °, which are not so low!

Buy it on Amazon for € 13.00 <

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