Gemini: everything you need to know about this zodiac sign!

Fast, nervous, with a nice and curious look: a Gemini is recognized for the intellectual vivacity, the chatter ... and a group of people around who watch his shows amused. The ability to transform is an innate gift: in Gemini there are a thousand personalities, each ready to do its part at the right time! He escapes from boredom, always has his suitcase open, ready to go from one airport to another, to get to know different languages, cultures and countries. a nothing, and the serene returns!

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The character of Gemini

Third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini does not participate in any vital function (contrary to Aries which initiates things and Taurus which makes them stable). And this makes them give them greater freedom: Gemini are double, they split and look for their double. No sign is as ambivalent as Gemini. The person born under this sign is communicative and sociable. Friendly and courteous, he has extraordinary adaptability, mobility, flexibility and shows great intellectual curiosity.
At ease in all trade related functions and gifted with a true gift for acting, those born under this sign will be the charismatic leaders of the group. But in some cases they will also be able to show themselves cold and of great skill. Masters in the art of the double game, the charming Gemini will inspire sympathy and seduce easily. But be careful because they can have a hard time staying faithful.
Sometimes they will want to live the present intensely while maintaining the necessary distance to avoid being overwhelmed by emotion.
Their interests are numerous, but the ability to concentrate tends to remain superficial. Finally, Gemini will easily feel misunderstood.
In general, Gemini will tend to take an interest in everything but will find it difficult to attach themselves, to be fully involved.

The zodiacal profile of Gemini

Element: Air
Complementary and opposite sign: Sagittarius
Sign: masculine
Metal: quicksilver
Ruling planet: Mercury
Color: mixed, iridescent like the Scotch
Part of the body: arms, hands, lungs
Scent: green lemon or lilac
Age of life: puberty
Your space / time: May June
Symbolic phrase: I think

The Gemini woman

She has a lot of style, is full of vitality and is eternally on the move, just like her quick and agile male alter ego. She is the queen of worldliness, she loves designer clothes and high fashion. He has a thin face, often triangular, and remains young for a long time, despite his life being messy, complicated, characterized by an eternal state of stress without which he cannot live.

  • What is it made for?
    For a job that will compensate for an unstable and incoherent love life, due to his constant indecision: am I committed or not? Like the Gemini man, she too is particularly gifted for contact and exchanges: she will be an excellent press officer or public relations officer, a good trader, unless she is tempted by journalism and the media world. Many actresses, musicians and painters were born under this sign.

  • How does he love?
    She thinks she is made for a marriage of love, children, a home and friends ... but as long as she holds this idea, she will probably be unhappy and bored to death. Then, one day, he finally realizes that he loves freedom and that he prefers to marry a partner he respects professionally. Intellectual affinity, common interests and the fact of keeping space for herself or her friendships will be enough to make her happy. As long as you don't fall back into sentimentality, which you can't stand. She is destined to have at least two important relationships during her existence.

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The Gemini man

The Gemini man is thin, sometimes slender, with an air of eternal child that makes him look younger than he really is. He is skilled and practical, curious, interested in many things at the same time, he is a little a man with a thousand faces, he is smiling and likes to joke continuously, and not always with kindness, with others.

  • What is it made for?
    It is said that he is unstable and superficial, but to fully understand him we need to grasp his double and fickle personality, influenced by Mercury. He lives in the instant, in the immediate present; he does not cause many problems for others, he does not tend to dramatize and adapts perfectly to all circumstances. It is perfect for all contact professions: it will be an excellent salesman, an excellent trader, a good street vendor, but it can also be realized in teaching, in politics or in journalism, since he writes really well! He is a hard worker, despite his amateur air, and he succeeds thanks to his ease, his perseverance and the countless contacts he is able to establish!

  • How does he love?
    With lightness, carefree, like a butterfly that distrusts love. What a nightmare to be tied to one person! However, after changing various partners, he can have a stable relationship with a woman who will help him keep his feet on the ground. But the poor thing will surely see all sorts of things… He is not a faithful husband: the thing he loves the most is to please women to feel sure of himself.

The symbolic image of Gemini

Gemini is represented by two entwined twins, an image that symbolizes this double sign and introduces us into the universe of its two opposite poles: male-female, light-darkness, subject-object, outside-inside. Some zodiacs even represent him with a man and a woman. Mythology attributes many legends to Gemini such as that of Castor and Pollux, the two inseparable Greek heroes, in life and in death. The deity corresponding to Gemini is a Mercury in full puberty. As soon as he is born, Mercury escapes from the arms of his mother, Maia, to visit the world. Gemini is a curious, unstable being who will always prefer adventure to safety. All adolescent qualities suit him: creativity, dispersion, desire, creativity, dualism, play. “Who am I?” Here is the essential question that all Gemini ask themselves! Action and emotion are part of his nature, but he is unable to make them complementary. Its secret is the ability to find one's harmony in dispersion.

The stars born under the sign of Gemini

Alberto Sordi, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie ...

The astrocouncil

Discipline, slowness and learn to enjoy the view without stress!

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