Newborn pacifier: which one to choose?

When a baby cries, it is impossible for parents to ignore it! Although we know that crying is the only way babies have to communicate, your little one's crying is often heartbreaking!
For this reason, many parents decide to use the pacifier (or soother): a rubber, silicone, rubber or plastic teat that stimulates the natural movement of the baby's sucking and helps him to calm down and fall asleep, as it associates the action with the "breastfeeding and nothing calms a baby more than his mom.

Over the years there have been several conflicting opinions on the issue, on the "possible risk of" spoiling "the child too much or causing irreversible damage to the oral cavity.
But the technology of historical brands in terms of early childhood products is advancing and therefore there are different types of pacifiers, according to the needs of the child and his age, so you have nothing to fear and whether to use the pacifier or not is a decision of the parents, but also of the child who may not even accept the pacifier.

What doctors do not recommend is to dip the pacifier in honey or sugar: it is true, a newborn does not yet have teeth and does not run the risk of cariarseli, but a "high amount of sugar, especially in a phase in which it is not if you have a routine of oral hygiene, it can damage and irritate your baby's gums.

So feel free to buy a pacifier for your baby, to do it in the right way there are easy directions to follow based on the age of the child, his needs, the material you prefer and if you still have doubts, do not hesitate to ask the pediatrician, surely the opinion of the doctor treating your little one will reassure you.
We have decided to divide them into 3 basic phases of the baby's first year of life, to facilitate your choice.

The right pacifier for every age

As with everything related to newborns, the pacifier also changes according to the development of the newborn.
Not only the diapers, the food, the toys: even the pacifier must be varied according to the age of your baby, following its growth in the most natural way possible and respecting all those small and gradual physiological changes that it undergoes during the first year of life.

From the first to the sixth month of life, all small models that resemble the mother's nipple as much as possible are fine, because the baby will more easily associate them with breastfeeding and this will further relax him.
The round, cherry-shaped models are perfect.
As for the material, silicone is preferable: a fairly soft material suitable for children who do not yet have teeth.

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From the sixth month to the first year of life, the pacifier can be a great help in alleviating the discomfort that the little one feels when his teeth grow. During this time you can use rubber pacifiers, a material slightly harder than silicone.
It is also preferable to focus on ergonomically shaped pacifiers that do not compromise your baby's teething. Usually by ergonomic shape we mean those pacifiers that have a flatter and a more convex part. The flat but soft part fits perfectly to the palate of the child, without modifying its development.

From 12 months onwards it is advisable to stop using the pacifier, because at that age the baby already begins to express himself and emancipate himself and it is good to educate him to communicate, but remember that every child is different, so even when it comes to depriving him, always keep I count his times, but prefer an ergonomic one, so you can be sure that it does not interfere with the dental development of the little one.

Here are the best models in our opinion.

2 Chicco silicone pacifiers

A pacifier suitable for the little ones, entirely in soft surgical silicone suitable for the first months of life, when babies still do not have teeth.
Of the right size that recalls the maternal nipple to immediately recall the baby to the act of breastfeeding and to feel at ease, essential in the first months of life, when babies are extremely tied to maternal contact.
Two similar pacifiers with ring to always carry with you and to clean with the bottle sterilizer.


2 Chicco rubber pacifiers

Rubber is a soft and natural material, it is elastic and resistant, for a comfortable feeling during sucking.
Soft and gentle on the skin like the mother's breast: the soft and thin base allows the lips to close naturally, while the ventilation holes allow the passage of air and reduce the stagnation of saliva. Ideal for massaging the gums of babies who are starting to develop teething, it will alleviate the discomfort that comes from the growth of the teeth, making the little one massage the gums, do not worry if the little one already has teeth, he will not be able to break the rubber and does not risk swallowing any part of the pacifier.


Chicco ergonomic pacifier

The ergonomic teat is essential to actively promote the correct development of the mouth: it favors the natural positioning of the tongue, evenly distributes the pressure on the palate for correct oral development.
Like the mother's breast, the base of the shield is soft and rounded like the mother's breast, this allows a comfortable support of the lips and reduces the stagnation of saliva, which causes irritation.
It is perfect for all ages and for all children, and parents are also calmer knowing they have a pacifier that does not interfere in the slightest with their child's oral development.


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