Pilates: excellent exercises for the neck

Unfortunately, the cervical is a common problem that affects a large part of us and is due to various factors, from posture errors to tension and stress.

Pilates offers numerous benefits for our body as a whole. For the cervical, as well as for the back, there are specific exercises that have a lengthening function. The muscles of the shoulders and neck, thanks to the Pilates method, will be stretched and relaxed, in order to cure and prevent pain.

Furthermore, the emotional factor should not be underestimated: Pilates has a function of mental relaxation so powerful that it helps us to regain inner balance and remove the anxieties and tensions that, most of the time, are the first to cause neck pain.

So what are you waiting for to try these simple exercises? Without getting tired, but practicing them consistently, you will get excellent results. Remember, though, to start with some stretching:

1. Exercise of the spider

To achieve the so-called spider position, you just need to lie on your stomach on your mat. Keep your arms extended at your sides, palms facing down. At that point, start moving your fingers forward, imitating a small spider and keeping your torso still. Reach with your hands as far as you can, in the direction of the feet.

This exercise, as well as for the neck, is excellent for relaxing the muscles and stretching the back well.

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2. Head up and down

Place your feet at hip height keeping your pelvis straight and trying to stretch your spine upwards. Pushing your shoulders back slightly and keeping your arms soft at your sides, exhale as you bring your head towards the floor. Breathe in and bring it back up.
This exercise not only benefits your neck, it also helps improve breathing.

3. Stretch back

To perform this exercise, useful for the cervical and the entire spine, spread your legs and grab the hips with your hands. Very slowly and without sudden jerks, bend your back and head back until you can. assuming an arc shape. Feel your neck muscles pulling and breathing. Maintain the position for 30 seconds.

Important: never force the position more than necessary and proceed gradually to avoid trauma.

4. Head tilted sideways

To do this exercise, sit cross-legged on your mat with your back and head straight. Tilt your head to the right bringing your ear towards the shoulder, being careful not to lift it. Help yourself with your right arm to pull your neck in that direction. Hold the position for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise by tilting your head to the left .

This exercise, also useful for shoulder blades and arms, can also be performed in a standing position.

5. Exercise of the cobra

With the cobra exercise, you can strengthen all the muscles of the shoulder girdle and upper back, as well as those of the neck.

Lie on your back on your mat and keep your legs stretched and slightly apart, with the sole of the foot pointing upwards. Place your palms at shoulder height with your elbows touching your body. Lift up on your arms by raising your head, with your eyes turned towards the other, forming an arch with your back. Stretch your neck as far as you can, pushing your head back.

The cobra exercise is also very useful to stretch the abdominal muscles and get a nice flat stomach, but remember that, to achieve the desired results, you will also need to take care of the nutrition ...

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