Why do men leave? Here are the 10 most frequent reasons

We have all experienced the end of a love at least once in our life. When a relationship ends, suffering is inevitable but we must admit that, when it is the other party who decides, in addition to the usual pain, one falls into a series of questions with which one tries to find an explanation: "he is not ready for a relationship. serious? "," will there be "another?" "didn't it work anymore?" or "I did all the things that bothered him and he couldn't tolerate it"?

These are just some of the explanations that we try to give to ourselves, without being able to find the real reasons. We looked for the real reasons why men choose to end a relationship and we found 10: here are what they are!

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1. "I'm not ready for a serious relationship"

Often many men believe that the beginning of a new love story inevitably brings with it a series of sacrifices, compromises and obligations that compromise freedom and independence. This is why in many cases they understand life as a couple more as a burden than as a joy to be shared with the partner. They run away leaving us with an avalanche of doubts.

2. "You don't consider me your priority"

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Unlike those in point 1, some men need a lot of attention and need to feel the most important thing in their partner's life.
Not feeling a priority and having the feeling of being neglected can lead our him to decide to end a relationship.

3. "You don't take good care of yourself"

Today's men are more and more cared for and some of them expect their partner to do the same. A girl who shuns the gym, make-up and beautician, in the long run could also jeopardize sexual attraction, a very important component in a couple.
If you suspect this was the trigger for a breakup, do it for yourself - try to love yourself more!

4. "You don't attract me anymore"

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This is the direct consequence of the previous point. After a long time together, the passion may have faded. In such cases, as in any other case, it is good to give dialogue the importance it deserves. An open-hearted conversation can shed light on the issue.

5. "C" is an "other"

If where the object of your interest has sought happiness in other arms, it is best to let it go and focus on us. Roll up your sleeves and put yourself first as apparently he didn't. you never know what the future holds!

6. "We fight too much, I can't"

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If within a relationship there are continuous misunderstandings and discussions, in the long run the two partners suffer and the bond is destined to end. The useless quarrels, triggered by the smallest and most insignificant issues, are a sign that something has happened in the relationship. broken: if you continue on the path of confrontation, the relationship is doomed to be wrecked.

7. "We are too different"

Another reason why men leave is diversity. Often it can happen that two people in a relationship reach a point where they want different things. Sometimes, the differences also affect characters and habits and life as a couple becomes incompatible.

8. "I don't like how you kiss"

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If a man doesn't appreciate his partner's kisses, the relationship won't go that far. The physical understanding remains one of the priorities within a couple, and the kiss, being the daily gesture of love, becomes fundamental as a litmus test.

9. "You always make yourself wanted"

It's okay to be wanted, but when it gets too much, the partner stops chasing us and finding it attractive and inspiring. Thinking too much about ourselves and putting ourselves in front of everything can become a real reason for breaking up. Even being waiting for hours and not thinking about the needs of the other leads to misunderstandings that wear down trust and mutual esteem.

10. "I still think about my ex"

Is your he related to the ghosts of the past? You just have to accept it and realize that he was not the right man for you. You deserve a person who treats you like a princess and, of course, a man who has another woman on his mind has no intention of doing so.

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