Cooking for one person: here is the essential!

Cooking for one person is as enjoyable as it is difficult! In fact, it is not easy to limit quantities when our tools are suitable for several people and large sizes! This is why we thought it would be nice to find the right items to facilitate cooking and limit problems! Stop eating leftovers! Here are the essential cooking tools just for you!

A mini pan

Lasagna, pizzas, focaccia, flans, desserts: all these delicious dishes are prepared in the oven!
But when you are alone, it is difficult to cook these delicacies knowing that there will be more than half of them left in the pan! Here is a perfect pan for individual use: 19x 25 cm, dishwasher safe.

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A small pan

Why take up a lot of space on your shelves with huge pans if all you need is a frying pan?
Eggs, steak, vegetables, your ideal portion fits all in this practical non-stick pan.
Say goodbye to these very heavy huge pans that are uncomfortable to wash.


An individual colander

Why dirty a whole colander for a few grams of pasta? This Cizen silicone model is great just right, practical and foldable. It won't take up space from your dish drainer and we know how much space is needed in a small house!


A mini pot

And finally, another essential utensil in your kitchen, but of adequate size, just for you! A super useful purchase that you can use every day: in stainless steel, with a practical handle that will help you in the preparation of your favorite dishes!


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