3 factors that influence dreams: how to secure the famous "sweet dreams"

Could it be true that "dreams are desires for happiness", or rather often the anxieties and over-thoughts of the day materialize in dreams? In a recent study by "vente-privee" dedicated to "world day of dreams" it is clear that night sleep is conditioned by the activities carried out just before going to bed: whether it is a film you have just seen or the cover of a book about bedside table, 75% of respondents express the need to distract themselves from daily activities before going to bed to ensure a more peaceful sleep. In this regard, watch this video and find out how much you should sleep based on your zodiac sign:

So what to do to try to guarantee more serene dreams? Here are 3 factors that could help you have "sweet dreams" instead of accumulating stress and frustrations even in sleep.

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1. The beauty routine for a better rest

Sleeping well is essential for personal well-being but, regardless of everything, falling asleep often becomes a "difficult task. What can help promote a sweet rest and sweet dreams?"
A good idea would be to create your own evening routine, as 64% of "vente-privee" respondents say. 38% dedicate themselves to the care of their face, 29% indulge in a long relaxing shower or bath, while 17% love to prepare a herbal tea based on natural herbs that can help you sleep well. In short, taking care of your relaxation before going to sleep, focusing on positive thoughts and thus getting rid of your stress, could open the doors of a peaceful sleep.

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2. Let yourself be lulled by a comfortable environment

Would you ever have peaceful dreams sleeping on a bed of asphalt, perhaps with a bad odor as a side dish? Maybe not, which is why where you sleep also affects how. Each person sleeps for a third of their life, so it is important that the bedroom and bed are reassuring and above all comfortable environments. Falling asleep with the feeling of being in a safe place allows you to sleep at least 8 hours a night, those necessary to guarantee dreams, and to guarantee them complete and peaceful. Cozy colors and fabrics that retain body temperature are preferred: neutral or warm colors and fabrics such as cotton or linen contribute to peaceful dreams. All this to be combined with a comfortable mattress, the darkness of before falling asleep (no cell phones!), And a bit of healthy, regenerating silence.

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3. Remember not to forget

A good way to cultivate the most beautiful dreams? Tell them when you remember them. As soon as you wake up it could be useful, to lull yourself again in the dream, to tell what you remember even through a Whatsapp voice message, to a friend or partner. If before going to sleep you tried to concentrate on what you wanted to dream, probably As soon as you wake up stay in bed to fix the memories, evoking the details and then put the dream in black and white: here is a way to make your desires aware!

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Speaking of dreams, do you know how to interpret them? Look here the dictionary of dreams:

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