The best kitchens for children

When you are young, role-playing games are key to exploring your personality and kitchens are one of those evergreen games for all children when it comes to imitating their parents.
If you have enough space, let your children discover these wonderful kitchens and become real little chefs!

From the simplest models to the most equipped kitchens with a multitude of gadgets and sound effects, there is something for every budget. Wood or plastic, each model has its own little extra, which the little ones will love!

Christmas is approaching and among all the toys available, children's kitchens are certainly one of the best choices along with educational games.

We have chosen the best models suitable for children, perfect for playing in harmony and in complete safety.

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The New Classic wood kitchen

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© Classic New Toy / Amazon

A kitchen worthy of a country house, entirely built in high quality wood.

Pantry, oven, hobs, sink and many other accessories. There is even a telephone to receive orders like in a real restaurant!

Buy on Amazon for € 117.34

Theo Klein's Bosch kitchen

© Klein / Amazon

An elegant and modern play kitchen.
A futuristic model identical to the original from Bosch.
There are realistic sound effects and it's like your baby is really cooking.
Complete with accessories such as pots and pans, dinnerware, cooking utensils and even toy food. Its medium-large size is ideal for two or more children.
Plus it has an "adorable coffee machine!"

Buy on Amazon for € 124.38

Melissa and Doug cook

© Melissa & Doug / Amazon

This colorful kitchen is all the liveliest kids need to have fun. It has a refrigerator, electric hobs, an oven, a removable sink and a cutting board. We like the details, like the buttons that turn, and there's even a timer that works. The removable sink is perfect for use in other games, for example, making slime without smearing mom's kitchen!

Buy on Amazon for € 126.38

Kidkraft kitchen

The kitchen that makes parents dream too!
Perfectly neat and finished, in vintage style, white and pink!
It is one of the more expensive models, but it is definitely worth it. Fully equipped, it even has a microwave! There are even curtains to match the decor. Kind of like a Barbie house but life size.

© Kidkraft / Amazon Buy on Amazon for 199 € (10% discount)

Leomark kitchen

© Leomark / Amazon

We like this kitchen for its simple design and clean lines, ideal for younger children.
It includes an oven, a realistic sink, hobs and even a time, so as not to burn the food. It is designed so that all accessories are easy to put away, in fact it is very spacious.
Don't be fooled by the lower price compared to the other models: this kitchen is made entirely of high quality wood and is full of useful accessories!

Buy on Amazon for € 59.99 <

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