5 "I'm sorry" you should never tell a man

If the "I'm sorry" you say in a week is more common than your healthy orgasms, then we have a problem. It's okay to feel sorry, but it's not okay to do it too often and above all to have to almost justify your choices by expressing regret. For a world with less "I'm sorry" and more "I like", there are other things you should say to the man next to you and avoid the wrong "I'm sorry"!

1. "I'm sorry, I have to work"

"I'm sorry if I work, I'm independent, I have commitments, I have a life and I can't do what you want?" Even no friend, working is a sacred choice, an achievement for us women and we have no reason to be sorry if we can take care of ourselves. It would be better to say "Not tonight, work".

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2. "I'm sorry but I don't care"

If something is not interesting, there is little to be sorry. It is often assumed that a woman must like things decisively: from the honeyed film to the jewel, passing through absurd approaches to the bar. But basically there is little to regret if we are not all the same, don't you think?

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3. "I'm sorry, I need to be a little" alone "

Loneliness, even as a couple, is more natural than anything else. If you still have to apologize and feel sorry for the moments of autonomy that, fortunately, you need to have, then something is wrong. Every person has the need, completely understandable, to break away, get some air, do things for themselves, without having to ask for permission: don't be sorry, ask for it.

4. "I'm sorry, that's how I look"

It would be better "I'm not sorry, that's how I am". Because? Because luckily we are all like that, no one is perfect and no one should decide to change for another. Even when you want to be constructively critical of yourself, there is nothing to be sorry about. The only thing to do, if anything, is to get to work to build something. Maybe not to the person you feel you owe an apology to for who you are.

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5 "I'm sorry if I'm not up to it"

Anyone who doesn't make you feel good is someone who doesn't deserve an "I'm sorry". The feeling of being too little does not deserve "I'm sorry" to the next one, but to yourself. If you are mortifying yourself, giving in to the judgment of others, letting yourself be influenced, stopping believing in who you are, apologize to yourself. Then remove this sorry from your vocabulary, turn your flaws into strengths and smile again, because we women are never alone!

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