5 ways to turn flaws into strengths

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We are surrounded by models of perfection that lead us to think that we are full of defects but the most interesting thing is that it is all true. Perfection is a myth, useful only for the improvement of oneself, but trying to achieve it would be self-limiting, because it is unattainable. And let's face it: perfection in its totality also turns out to be rather boring.

Defects, on the other hand, are subject to a point of view and, being often considered a limit, they are the real opportunity: because they push us to change, which is not summed up in the elimination of the defect. This drive is productivity, it is movement, it is life. But, in order not to get lost in thoughts of self-pity or dejection, we must learn to transform our flaws into strengths and aim straight for #PerfectNever! Ready?

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1. Change your approach: accept your flaws

The first thing to do is to change the approach you have towards your flaws. First of all: are you sure they are flaws? Are they embarrassing, a shame? Living them like this forces you to stay still. What makes us strong? be aware of it, talk about it and laugh about it Being aware of your limits is the #PerfectNever opportunity to change and improve.

2. Focus, what you need is within you

We are used to looking elsewhere for the strength to face obstacles and overcome our limits. But we are wrong, because the greatest strength is within us, it comes to life from the connection between our multiple dimensions, such as mental, physical and social. To transform our defects into strengths, therefore, we must learn the value of concentration, give it space in the daily hustle and bustle so as not to lose sight of our goal: to understand and live with #PerfectNever. The real change is not having to be perfect.

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3. Train, only in this way will you give value to your path

To transform one's defects into strengths, to ensure that the change does not stop in the middle of a path whose goal is the improvement of oneself, one must train, with willpower and perseverance. And it is precisely the constancy that allows us to give value to change, to make it the protagonist of this path, triggered by the "unstoppable push towards the" goal: #PerfectNever.

4. Persevere, the first to sabotage will be you

How complex is it to accept that perfection is not the goal, indeed, that it is even limiting? How much does it cost to stop crying, to raise your head and be pleased with how you are? How much easier is it never to reach the goal despite efforts and worries? Persevere in feeling good about yourself, the way you are and what you have. Improvement and change start from this. This is the real transformation: be determined and don't sabotage yourself.

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5. Don't give up, what makes you feel good cannot be a fault

That's right: if something, a part of us and how we live there, makes us feel good, it cannot be considered a defect and this is our strength. The possibility of questioning oneself, the possibility of seeing room for improvement is what makes you alive. If others do not believe you, if others see defects in you that you do not consider as such, do not stop, do not give up. Because, when your mind and body learn to communicate well, what you will have is a stronger and better image of yourself.

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