How to help someone with a panic attack: 5 useful tips

Panic attacks are a rather difficult enemy to fight, they are silent and yet they manage to knock you down without you noticing. A lot of people suffer from it, and if you've ever witnessed one of these episodes, it's likely you felt unable to deal with the situation because you had no idea what to do.
Zen calm can help, but there are circumstances when yoga isn't everything ...

If someone close to you is having a panic attack, here's what you can do to help them out!

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1. Think backwards

This is one of the simplest and most popular methods of dealing with panic attacks. When the world seems to be collapsing, ask the person concerned to make lists for you.
This should list 5 things he can see, 4 things he can touch, 3 things he can hear, 2 things he can smell and 1 thing he can taste.
Focusing on the 5 senses, in fact, the anxiety problem will take a back seat.

2. Listen (and don't panic too)

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A panic attack is nothing pleasant, especially since it leads you to lose control in front of strangers or acquaintances. If you are watching, don't demonize the situation.
Keep calm, listen to those who are not well, propose to go somewhere a little more secluded or, if possible, go home. Often it is the most chaotic situations that create the most discomfort.

3. Don't insist

What you think is best for the person currently panicking is not necessarily the best. Don't force her to drink, eat, or silence her anxiety.
It may be that a little water can help, but don't offer it insistently or it would be like throwing fuel on the fire. Give her time and remind her you're there.

4. Synchronize your breathing

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One of the first things that panic does is take your breath away, shorten your breath. To stay close to someone who is suffering from a seizure, focus on your breathing. Make sure to synchronize, so as to restore calm one exhalation at a time. This is a very intuitive but extremely effective remedy that will pay off in no time.

5. Distract her

Tell her about a trip together, a business project, or something you recently read. If it is a friend of yours you will not struggle to find fertile ground for conversation but, if not, here is a list of films for you that, despite the panic, you can talk freely.

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