How to match shoes and pants according to the occasion

To best match shoes and trousers, we must take into account some criteria relating to: the shape of the trousers, the shape of the shoe but also the occasion in which we will wear them. This is because we know perfectly well that the same trousers can have two completely different styles depending on the pair of shoes with which we decide to combine them. Just think about how jeans change if we wear it with a pair of sneakers or with a pair of décolleté or a pair of jeweled sandals. Furthermore, shoes also affect our bearing, giving us a touch of sensuality or practicality.See how life changes depending on the shoes we wear!

How to match shoes with palazzo pants

Palazzo trousers are a real must have, perfect for a casual chic outfit but also for facing a normal working day. We have the summer version, with soft and floating fabrics, like this Guess model on offer at € 39.95 on Amazon Outlet, but also the winter version, in fabrics like velvet or jeans like the Pepe Jeans model on offer at 38, € 45. Let's see how we can match them to shoes according to the occasion of use:

Palazzo pants to go to work: sports shoes or jeweled sandals
If you love this type of trousers and you can't help but wear them every day, luck has it that they are quite versatile. We can combine them with sports shoes, perhaps white sneakers, which will give it that casual touch perfect for every day. Those sports shoes with an important sole, even higher than average, perhaps flat, are preferable, recalling the trends very in vogue in the "90s. If it is summer and you are wearing a colorful, floral and fluttering palazzo trousers, like this Desigual model on offer at 69 € opt for a pair of jewel sandals, so as not to make them disappear under the movement of the wide paw.

Palazzo trousers for an elegant occasion: décolleté or pointed ankle boots
Palazzo trousers, especially very wide or long ones, go perfectly with a high shoe, with an important heel. This is because without the risk of shortening the leg or the whole figure, especially if we are shorter. The perfect match? Opt for a pair of décolleté, even in bright colors, or a pointed ankle boot, perfect because it comes out of the wide paw, without suffocating inside. For super looks with palazzo pants check out here:

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The perfect shoes for flared trousers

Flared trousers are a great flashback, a journey that brings us back from the 70s to today, passing through the early 2000s and all the aftermath that these years have had on fashion trends. Practical, beautiful, they have the great advantage of streamlining and tapering the legs, even the shorter ones. Perfect for a sporty look but also for a "worldly and super fashion" occasion. Let's see which shoes are perfect for flared trousers according to the occasion:

Flared trousers for a walk with friends: rag sneakers or ballet flats
For an afternoon of friendship, flared trousers represent a real touch of style. If we want to give it a super vintage tone, let's combine them with converse-style rag sneakers, a true tribute to the rock / punk of the 70s, perhaps with a nice blouse to crown it all. If instead you want to aim for a more bon ton look, combine these trousers with colorful ballet flats, perhaps with some jewel decorations or with a square toe, as recommended by this year's shoe trends!

Flared trousers for a very cool event: Mary Jane or sling backs
Flared trousers, although considered vintage, are a real fashion gem, perfect for a "special occasion or event, such as a business aperitif or a social evening. Combine them with important shoes such as high-heeled Mary Janes (you have present those with the strap that goes up on the instep and closes around the ankle?) or with a pair of sling backs, one of the most popular types of heels ever: low heel, pointed shoe and strap behind the ankle Here are two examples:

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Leather pants and shoes to match

Leather pants, specifically leather leggings, have had a big boom in recent years, making a comeback both on the catwalks and in everyday life. Rock soul, sensual look, leather pants, black or even colored, can have two very different variations depending on the shoes they are combined with: we can make them simple and sporty but also aggressive and sexy. It all depends on the occasion in which we have to show them off.

Leather pants for a day at the university or an informal dinner: sneakers or Chelsea boots
To go to university we need to be comfortable and not be vulgar, ever! We can combine our leather pants or leggings with a nice pair of sneakers, maybe a pair of very comfortable running shoes, both in neutral colors such as cream or pink. , but also in bright colors, even fluo yellow or fuchsia. In this way we dampen the rock soul of these trousers and give them a really cool touch. To give a touch of color or simply style to leather pants, we can combine them with Chelsea boots, both black like the trousers but also red, burgundy or silver and glitter for a truly super result!

Leather trousers for a dinner with your partner or an evening at the disco: pumps or slave sandals
To enhance the sensual aspect of black leather trousers to the maximum, we can combine them with a pair of pumps with a thin heel, both black but also gold or red. In this way we streamline the leg and accentuate the curves that naturally this type of trousers draws For a real cougar effect, we can combine them with slave sandals, always with a nice heel, in order to create that "see-through effect" really sexy!

For leather leggings, the speech is more or less the same. Get inspiration from these looks:

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How to match shoes with skinny pants

Skinny trousers, especially jeans, are a real passpartout for any occasion. It is no coincidence that they show up in the windows of all shops, both in female and male versions. They have the great advantage of being comfortable but also very sensual. We can find them in the low-waisted version but also in the high-waisted one, with a slightly vintage flavor. We can find them of normal length but also short and above the ankle. Depending on the type of trousers, we have selected different types of shoes that fit them perfectly!

Skinny trousers for a job interview or for any day: nude lace-ups or stilettos
If you have decided to wear skinny trousers for a not too formal job interview, you can enhance their shape by opting for a pair of stilettos, perhaps slightly pointed. You can choose them in classic leather but also slightly shiny. A real must have with skinny jeans are the flesh-colored stilettos, which accentuate the sensuality of even a simple jeans and further slender the leg. Really perfect for both normal fit skinnies and short ankle-length ones. If, on the other hand, you want to wear these pants on any day, opt for a nice pair of lace-ups with a masculine cut, perhaps combining them with patterned socks!

Skinny pants for an evening with friends or for a concert: ankle conturion or Chelsea boots and combat boots
If you're going to be wearing your skinny pants or skinny jeans for an evening with friends, indulge yourself in some vanity and pair them with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots, both in neutral and brighter colors. short at the ankle, opt for a pair of décolleté with an ankle strap! To go to a concert, instead, treat yourself to a more comfortable shoe: you can aim for a colorful Chelsea boot, perhaps red, or with more neutral colors such as black, leather or beige, even those with thicker soles and a little platform are perfect. The same goes for amphibians. Get inspired here:

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Elegant black pants? The perfect shoes to match!

Elegant black trousers are the kind of garment that cannot be missing in anyone's wardrobe. They are simple, sure, but they are also that solid base on which to build the most particular looks. They are good for any occasion, and of course the shoes contribute to give it a sportier or more elegant tone. We can choose them with low waist, high waist, palazzo, masculine cut, in cotton, silk, but also in soft leather. If we combine them with a white t-shirt, yes they transform into a perfect garment for every day; if we combine them with an elegant bodice or blouse, they become the perfect garment even for the most elegant evenings. Let's see some shoe combinations - really perfect black dress pants!

Black trousers for an elegant occasion during the day: low or heeled mules
If you have to participate in an elegant occasion held during the day, you can opt for a pair of shoes that have literally climbed the charts in recent years: mules, a top trend for spring summer. You can choose a low pair, without heels, but also a pair with a thin or even wider heel. The secret is to choose the ones that leave their mark, perhaps colored or with truly unique details!

Black trousers for an elegant evening occasion: shoes with neutral or highly decorated stilettos
If you have to attend an elegant event to be held in the evening, our advice is to opt for a classic stiletto with a stiletto heel in neutral colors, from black to flesh, maybe even shiny to give a touch of movement to the outfit. do not see each other again in such a classic outfit, give space to the imagination and, on a total black look, bet on eccentric and original shoes, perhaps with gold or even colored decorations. Here are some examples:

How to combine elegant black shoes and pants