How to dress for a summer wedding: 5 unmissable tips!

Understanding how to dress for a summer wedding is not easy: there is always that doubt about the length of the dress, the type of neckline, the "eternal question" socks yes, socks no "that often pushes us to make wrong choices. some tips that will come in handy when you are forced to shop at the last minute or while you collect your favorite outfits on your Pinterest boards. Some rules apply as for any wedding attire: avoid white so as not to "disturb the bride", but also too dark colors such as black or purple.
But if you want to be on point and avoid sweating too much given the temperatures, here are our 5 tips on how to dress for a wedding that falls between June, July and August, during the day or in the evening or at any time the bride and groom decide to celebrate the wedding. their wedding. With the hope that they will last at least as long as theirs:

1. How to dress for a summer wedding? Avoid synthetic fabrics!

Synthetic fabrics have a big problem: in addition to not having a super yield in terms of elegance, they favor sweating even more, which is not exactly convenient when we are at a summer wedding, perhaps at 25-30 ° even in the shade. In order to avoid embarrassing situations in which our floral or pastel-colored dress magically stains at the "weak" points, the ideal is to opt for fresher fabrics such as linen, cotton and of course silk. less prefer those dresses in which the prevalence of these fabrics is greater than synthetic. You will certainly feel fresher and at ease, without sacrificing elegance!

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2. Beware of too hot necklines! Fresh yes, vulgar never!

The necklines, when well managed, highlight our femininity: whether they are on the décolleté or on the back, their soft or sinuous fall enhances the curves of our body and enhances it. However, you have to pay attention to the type of neckline you choose. We are in the summer and of course we would like to go around with fresh dresses and low sandals, but at a wedding we cannot fail to take into account that the scene is only of the bride. Do we want to attract everyone's attention to uncomfortable and too showy necklines? So, well to discover the more feminine points, but freshness and sensuality are not synonymous with vulgarity, ever! Here are some more than decent alternatives


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3. Enhance the dress with the right shoes

Sandals, sandals and more sandals. What can be the best way to enhance a beautiful dress? Opt for neutral colors such as gold, silver, nude pink or taupe, depending on the color of the dress. And the socks? If the summer wedding you are attending will be very formal, then the sock is a must. Choose it carefully, opting for something very nude and for a shoe that absolutely does not highlight the seams. You can choose a pair of open at this point. toe with a narrow tip or a classic décolleté whose elegance does not go on vacation even in the hottest August!

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4. For the summer wedding, opt for a precious mini-bag or a shoulder bag

Maxi-bags that help raise temperatures are banned. Choose a small bag, to carry in the hand or with a shoulder strap, perhaps sparkling and colorful. Accessories always speak of our way of being, and the bag is no exception. Coordinated with the dress and shoes (no, they don't necessarily have to be the same color, they can also simply look good together!), The mini-bag is a guarantee for every summer wedding with a capital E! Here are some of them:

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5. Don't forget coordinated manicures and pedicures!

The guide on how to dress for a summer wedding inevitably also includes a chapter on the importance of manicures and pedicures. We cannot go to a wedding with nail polish on the fingers or feet left to fate. Indeed, coordinate nail polish on hands and feet, even if with shades of the same color that are not necessarily identical, is a sign of cleanliness and self-care. And if you don't know how to manage particular colors, nude pink will be your ally of the day!

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How to dress for a summer wedding in the evening

If the summer wedding you are attending will take place in the evening, do not worry: how to dress is easier than expected! In our help come beautiful long dresses, full of sensuality and elegance. Also in this case we advise you to avoid synthetic fabrics and to prefer linen, cotton and silk. Bring a stole or a scarf with you, in case the temperatures drop, and dare a little more with the heel. For a summer wedding in the evening you can also opt for darker colors such as midnight blue or petrol green. , but also for geometric or floral patterns. You just have to dream!

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And if the summer wedding will take place during the day, arm yourself with patience and a fan! Shorter and fluttering dresses will surely come to your aid and no one forbids you, especially if the height is on your side, to opt for a lower sandal, perhaps a jewel sandal that will enhance the lines of the foot. Here are some ideas!

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