How to keep your tan: 10 tips to make it last longer without peeling

Have we finally reached a "perfect tan after so much effort and now that we are back from the sea, do we run the risk of seeing it disappear in a few days? Unfortunately, without a series of precautions, the acquired tan has a rather limited life upon returning, especially on the face. But don't worry: there are remedies and tricks to make it last longer and to show off a glowing and golden skin even in the city.

Here are 10 tips that will help you keep your tan longer and not peel.

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1- Take care of the feeding

Just as it is essential, before exposure, to fill up on fruit (such as carrots and apricots, to stimulate melanin) and drink plenty of water to tan faster and better, it is also necessary to use the same attention to keep it longer. the painstakingly acquired tan and avoid skin dryness, cracking and unsightly unsightly peeling. For this purpose, do not miss out on yellow-orange fruit and vegetables, antioxidant red fruits, dried fruit and olive oil, rich in vitamin B and E. All these foods, in addition to being good for the body, help the skin to remain beautiful and well hydrated.
And of course we must not forget to drink lots of water (at least one and a half liters a day), to guarantee the body a "deep hydration. You can choose between water, tea, infusions or centrifuged. In short, good habits at the table are one of the points. essential to reach a perfect tan and to lose it as late as possible, keeping the skin soft and hydrated.

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2 - No to prolonged hot baths, choose a shower!

Prolonged contact of the skin with hot water promotes desquamation. It is better to take a shower with warm water, which helps the skin to remain compact and elastic. ease.

3 - Do not rub, better to pat the skin so as not to stress it excessively

When you get out of the shower, try to pat the skin with a towel, rather than rubbing it, to avoid stressing it too much and facilitating the loss of color.

4 - No to alcohol-based products: choose essential oils

Try to avoid the use of alcohol-based products, such as perfumes for example, which risk drying out the skin and accelerating peeling. Better to use scented waters and creams with essential oils, which keep hydration unaltered.

5 - Yes to scrub, but choose the right one!

Delicate, but necessary. Do not be afraid that it will discolor the skin, it only removes the dead cells that would go away in any case. The difference is that it eliminates them evenly and thus helps to keep the color alive that would otherwise fade. The only precaution: choose a scrub that is not too aggressive, and do not rub excessively. Then, a good moisturizer will complete the whole thing, not excessively stressing your skin.

6 - Hydration with "makeup"

As an alternative to the moisturizer, use special products that prolong the tan, containing low percentages of self-tanning substances or tyrosine which stimulates melanin. Some formulations gradually tan with a natural effect, and therefore maintain the complexion, while others give a sensual tan, as long as they are spread carefully and evenly.

7 - Use mild cleansers

When you return from vacation, use "sweet" shower-baths, which do not attack the hydro-lipid film. You can choose from soap-free cleansing bases or oil-rich cleansers and moisturizers. Every now and then take a bath in lukewarm water in which you will have poured some black tea; revives the complexion!

8 - Mix the oils

Valuable for deeply moisturizing the skin and keeping it soft, olive oil and avocado oil can be mixed together in equal parts and spread on the skin until completely absorbed. Avocado oil can also be mixed with avocado oil. soy and nuts.

9 - No to air conditioning: the first enemy of tanning

Air conditioning, which gives so much refreshment, is the first enemy of tanning. In fact, it tends to dry out the skin, affecting the first layer, that is the colored one. Try not to abuse it if you want to stay tanned for a long time.

10 - Let yourself be kissed by the sun

Take advantage of the last remnants of summer and the last warm rays to maintain the conquered color; during the lunch break or at the weekend. Even just twenty minutes spent in the sun, in the park or on the terrace are enough to fix and extend the duration of the tan.

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