Long hair in summer: how to manage it? 7 remedies to enhance them without damaging them!

Dealing with the summer with long hair can be quite challenging, you know. Sun, humidity and high temperatures certainly do not help, yet for those who just don't want to know about spikes and short cuts, even in the heart of summer, there they are effective strategies to make long hair and hot summer days coexist peacefully. With a little ingenuity and little hair care secrets, you can in fact survive the high summer temperatures without too much effort even with your beloved long hair!

Here are 7 little secrets to enhance your long hair even in summer and show off a top hair that will be the envy of everyone (yes, even when it's 40 degrees out there)!

1. Dry your hair naturally

A move as simple as it is effective: let your hair dry naturally. Saying goodbye to the hairdryer every now and then in the summer is in fact a great way to avoid suffering excessively from the heat and at the same time preserve the health of our hair - already particularly stressed in this period due to the classic summer "aggressions", such as the sun, sea, sand, wind and humidity - which will therefore only benefit from an aesthetic point of view. The natural drying, then, will also avoid the brushing phase, which - especially if you have long hair - with the high summer temperatures, would risk being rather tiring, for you and your hair, stressing it a lot and undermining it. brightness and brilliance.

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2. Trust in a length-saving product!

It is especially in summer, when our hair is put to the most severe test in the sun, sea, heat and humidity, that we must ensure that it is adequately protected. The lengths, in particular, are more affected by the external "aggressions" of the summer period and therefore require greater care. Not to mention that, by tying the hair continuously, it can be weakened and broken easily. This is why, never as in this period, a length-saving product, specially designed for long and damaged hair, becomes essential. Elvive DreamLong Bye-Bye Spuntatina Cream is able to repair lengths and seal split ends. In fact, thanks to its formula enriched with vegetable Keratin, Vitamins PP and B5 and Repairing Oil, this latest generation product to be applied on the hair without rinsing, acts on the damaged fibers, sealing split ends and reinforcing the lengths, which will thus appear stronger and visibly healthy.

Not only that: in addition to its repairing and regenerating action, it is also ideal to be used before the hair dryer or straightener, because it offers protection from heat up to 180 ° C, thus adequately protecting the hair and preventing it from stressing too much until it gets damaged. .

3. Avoid straight spaghetti styling: go for beach waves

A trick to feel the heat less in summer, especially with long and thick hair, is to avoid excessively straight styling and instead focus everything on waves and hairstyles that are more airy and with a little volume, so that the hair does not remain excessively flat and attached. at the nape of the neck, but let it breathe slightly. In short, extreme straight styling is not exactly ideal in the summer if you want to wear your hair down. Instead, opt for practical and romantic beach waves, natural waves for a sun-kissed effect that do not, however, give up an irresistible glam-chic touch. You can safely choose them even if you have straight hair! That's right, wash your hair in the evening, before going to bed, and then, without drying with a hair dryer, make a nice tight braid that you will keep all night; when you wake up, you will find some delicate natural waves, which will help you. to feel the heat less, giving you a decidedly fashion look at the same time.

To create beach waves without the use of an iron - which in summer, as you can imagine, is not really an excellent anti-heat strategy - you can also proceed in this way: always with wet hair, divide the hair into two parts and roll each of them on top of the head, securing them with bobby pins. After a few hours, or even the following morning, with dry hair, dissolve the hairstyle and you will find yourself some beautiful natural beach waves as you can see below in the gallery.

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© Pinterest Beach waves: dreamy wavy hair ideas to be inspired by

4. Tie your hair into practical yet glamorous anti-heat hairstyles

It goes without saying that one of the most effective - and practical - strategies to combat heat and humidity in the summer, when you show off a thick hair, is undoubtedly resorting to very comfortable anti-heat hairstyles. And here we are, long hair comes to the rescue! Tying the hair in gathered or semi-gathered hair that allows you to leave the neck and shoulders free and to suffer less from the heat, is in fact a very effective trick, as well as extremely fashionable, to face the sultry summer days. There are many hairstyles collected that have become in effect style must-haves, worthy of the most up-to-date trendsetters in the world, so much so that they are also flaunted by VIPs and celebrities on red carpets or prominent social events, such as the famous ultra chic chignon of the former actress, now Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle or the braid crowns so dear to Sienna Miller and Jennifer Lawrence. chignon and top knot, for some years now among the most glamorous hairstyles, proposed in a thousand sauces and versions.

But not only that, even the semi-collected are a great way to face the heat, especially if you do not want to completely give up the charm of long and loose hair: braids on the temples or as a crown, half bun or semi-collected by a variety of patterns can do a lot, especially if your need is to free your forehead and avoid finding rebellious tufts or side locks that are decidedly poorly indicated if the goal is to recover a bit of coolness and avoid suffering too much from high temperatures.

Even the side crops represent a good compromise between practicality, style and fight against heat: in fact, the hair worn on the side allows you to free a large part of the neck, making it breathe properly, all with a very high rate of refinement. So why not opt ​​for a messy-style soft side braid, among the most glamorous hairstyles ever? Remember, in fact, that the imperfect and deliberately disheveled style is the real must have of the summer season: so let yourself be inspired by the messy mood and give free rein to your creativity with crops and semi-collected hairstyles full of inventiveness and personality. Here, for example, are some summer hairstyle ideas from which to take inspiration to combat the heat in a practical and fashion way!

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© Pinterest Summer hairstyles: the most beautiful anti-hot hairstyles!

In the following video, you can see specifically how to make a high bun with braid, an elegant and practical hairstyle at the same time, perfect, for example, for evenings or more formal occasions: definitely a great way to fight the heat with class. , don't you think?

5. Choose soft rubber bands

In addition to an ad hoc product that protects ends and lengths - essential to keep hair in good condition, especially in summer - also make sure to choose soft rubber bands that avoid breaking the hair or excessively stressing it, ruining it. Therefore, opt for spiral or fabric elastics, the most suitable for gently treating the hair and preserving it. Instead, avoid very tight harvests which, it goes without saying, help to weaken the hair and break it more easily; better to focus on messy-style hairstyles and collections: not only are they more trendy and fashionable, but they help to preserve the hair and keep it healthier.

6. Welcome accessories!

Bet everything on accessories! Stock up on headbands, bandanas, scarves, headbands - preferably in fabric - all excellent for a double purpose: to keep you from the heat and to show off an irresistible glam-chic allure.Have fun creating original hairstyles and collections with the help of accessories and be sure to choose them carefully: they will give an unexpected and fashion twist to your style, adding a nice touch of color to your summer.

7. Bye bye bangs!

To experience the summer heat with greater serenity, it is better to say goodbye to the fringe, which, as we all know, does not really give its best in conditions of extreme humidity and high temperatures. It is enough to equip yourself with hairpins and pretty clothespins to free the forehead and thus avoid finding unruly and unmanageable tufts and suffer even more from the heat. Headbands, bandanas and headbands can also go a long way to containing the problem of fringe management in the summer. Make the most of them and show off your most fashionable side, even at very high temperatures!

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