Weekly horoscope October 8-14, 2018: Mercury enters Scorpio!

Aries: a hard start ...

Dear Aries, the beginning of this week will be quite hard for your sign, which will face not only the opposition of Mercury, but also that of the moon! Try not to get too nervous, then, if you encounter obstacles or tension at work: the situation will start to improve significantly from Wednesday, and at the weekend you will have moments to remember, between relaxation, fun and passion.

Taurus: pull the plug!

Dear Taurus, this week, unfortunately, the opposition of Venus will be joined by that of Mercury. Starting from Tuesday, a rather hard period will begin because you will find yourself having to face obstacles and complications not only on the sentimental front, but also on the working front. Pay particular attention to the very nervous days of Wednesday and Thursday ... At the weekend, switch off and allow yourself a little relaxation!

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Gemini: opposite moon on the weekend ...

Dear Gemini, your week will be peaceful, full of encounters and new opportunities, especially on Mondays and Tuesdays, when you have the moon on your side. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about the weekend: on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the moon will be in opposition and you will have the feeling that the right one is not going! Nothing to worry about too much, thankfully. Find out immediately which are the three best adjectives to define your sign:

Cancer: nice surprises!

Dear Cancer, this week has some beautiful surprises in store for you! Starting from Tuesday, the planet Mercury will stop being unfavorable to you and will begin to facilitate you on the working front, helping you to overcome the blocking situation you have been experiencing for some time. The stars just ask you for a little patience on Monday, when an unfavorable moon could put some obstacle in your path.

Leone: postpone to the weekend ...

Dear Leone, communication with your partner in this period is not the best: unfavorable Venus makes it difficult to understand each other, and to worsen the situation - starting from Tuesday - Mercury also gets involved ... Try to avoid discussions on Wednesday and Thursday as much as possible , the most tense of the week. Fortunately, on the weekend you will feel more relaxed and it will be easier to deal with the issues that are important to you.

Virgo: good news!

Dear Virgo, love is favored this week by the beautiful appearance of Venus, which will make you particularly irresistible, helping singles to make conquests and those who are already in a couple to live their relationship with great serenity. Starting from Tuesday, then, Mercury will also become favorable to your sign: good news is coming in the workplace, news and meetings that could lead to some good changes.

Libra: a wonderful week!

Dear Libra, your week couldn't get off to a better start! On Monday and Tuesday you will not only have Mercury on your side, but also a splendid moon in conjunction: you will feel full of energy and there will be good opportunities, especially on the working front. Even the weekend will be illuminated by a beautiful favorable moon: the protagonists will be emotions… get ready for a high rate of romance!

Scorpio: Long live Mercury!

Dear Scorpio, this is going to be a really great week for your sign! Venus in conjunction promises love and passion, while - starting from Tuesday - the support of Mercury will also give you a lot of luck in the workplace. Wednesday and Thursday the moon will also be in your sign: it will be two really super days, full of opportunities to be seized! Be careful not to let them escape.

Sagittarius: news and emotions!

Dear Sagittarius, your week begins with two lucky days, with a beautiful favorable moon ready to give you opportunities and news. On the business front, that answer or confirmation you are waiting for may finally arrive. On the sentimental level, however, it will be above all the weekend to make your heart beat faster: the moon in conjunction on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will give you great emotions.

Capricorn: finally Mercury is smiling at you!

Dear Capricorn, finally this week Mercury will stop being unfavorable to you and will smile again at your sign! In fact, starting from Tuesday, you will be able to count on his support to resolve a job issue that is particularly close to your heart. Wednesday and Thursday will be the luckiest days of the whole week. Venus in a favorable position gives serenity on the sentimental front.

Aquarius: problems to solve ...

Dear Aquarius, unfortunately Venus unfavorable continues to oppose your relationship, making you feel less satisfied than usual, eager for new emotions. Wednesday and Thursday in particular will be nervous days, in which the tension with the partner will skyrocket. Unfortunately, starting from Tuesday, even on the working front you may find some more obstacles to overcome, due to the unfavorable position of Mercury.

Pisces: a super week!

Dear Pisces, great news for your sign: this week, Mercury's will be added to Venus's favor! Not only will you experience beautiful emotions alongside a special person, but you will also be able to obtain important confirmations or good news on the working front. The best days of the week will be those of Wednesday and Thursday, while on the weekend an unfavorable moon could give you some mood swings.

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