Boho Chic Wedding: how to organize a perfect bohemian style reception

With the term boho chic, several fashion journalists liked to define the style of the early 2000s of Kate Moss, the twins Olsen or Sienna Miller, who were a little inspired by the bohemian style: the sexy and mysterious style, fake scruffy but precious of the French artists of the early twentieth century who led a lifestyle outside the rigid schemes of the time and often preferred the company of the gypsies.

Today the term boho chic indicates a set of cultures, mainly bohemian, hippie, country and gypsy influences with a hint of vintage.
Obviously being a real style, the adjective "chic" underlines the attention to detail of those who dress, decorate or furnish following the boho chic fashion.

If you are a free spirit and you dream of a wedding under the banner of color, music, freedom and contact with nature, the boho chic wedding is the one for you.

If you still don't know this style, read our article and let yourself be seduced by the bohemian charm.

The essential elements for a boho chic wedding

As in all themed weddings, the boho chic one has elements that immediately give the "event a" defined identity.

First of all, it is essential to celebrate outdoors! The contact with nature in the woods, the fields, even the beach is very important for your wedding to be an authentic boho chic wedding.
Just like hippies and gypsies, outdoor parties, flowers, meadows and sand are a real element of recognition.

Remember that this type of receptions prefer simplicity and informality and it is right to point out the informal dress code on participation, so that none of your guests are uncomfortable during the ceremony.
Imagine being invited to a wedding and buying an expensive pair of high-heeled shoes and finding yourself unannounced at an event on the lawn or on the sand, with the rest of the guests in jeans and a linen shirt!

Speaking of this, the idea of ​​a no-rules picnic on the lawn is very nice but if you are planning to celebrate in a place where access may not be easy for very young children or the elderly, you will have to re-evaluate the choice of location. ! Or at least make sure there are always tables and chairs and areas where walking or dancing isn't too uncomfortable!

A general rule that you can adapt to any event is the choice of vintage and natural materials and fabrics.
No plastic, fluorescent colors, synthetic fabrics.

Other symbols of a boho chic wedding are flowers (preferring wild flowers to exotic ones), for example, in addition to wearing a crown of flowers, you could give one to each guest or you can provide your guests with glasses with lenses. colorful and braided leather bracelets, also great ideas for wedding favors.

As for the bride and groom's car, the choice is obvious: the Volkswagen van! The historic, iconic van, symbol of hippie culture, to be left in the middle of the lawn for a beautiful "vintage picnic in nature" effect.

As for the decorations, feel free to indulge yourself. Use the trees as a base and hang small amulets in the shape of a moon or sun on the branches, colored dream catchers, lights, feathers, mirrors and super colored fabrics with an oriental flavor and cushions as if it were raining.

Music selection is key to your event: choose folk, country and rock music, preferably with a live band. A great touch could be an old gramophone playing in the middle of the wilderness.
For the dance playlist, the ideal would be to stay in theme perhaps with the disco music of those years or with the records of the protagonists of Woodstock!
Don't forget to leave a couple of guitars and colored sheets lying around on the lawn, in the evening, your party will be an intimate bonfire with friends.

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The perfect outfits for boho chic newlyweds

If it is true that a boho chic wedding is synonymous with informality and freedom, it is equally true that no detail can be overlooked.
From decorations to music, to the outfits of the newlyweds.

Unlike slightly more traditional weddings, in boho chic weddings, some "infractions" of bon-ton are allowed from a stylistic point of view.
For example, the groom can wear a broken shirt.
Nothing black and blue. Yes to white linen shirts, mandarin collars, beige, rust, military green, brown, corduroy, suspenders and why not, even a nice hat, like a borsalino or a beret, symbols of the magnetic bohemian style, are allowed.


The boho chic bride has a simple hairstyle and dress but is full of accessories.
Loose and wavy hair, crowns of real flowers, little braids and feathers are in, doll curls, pompous chignons and slap hairstyles are out. You prefer a hat to the veil, perhaps for a man.


The boho chic dresses are long and draw the figure of the bride, ending with a fluttering skirt.
Cotton, linen, macramé, silk, remember to respect the naturalness of the fabrics and avoid anything synthetic.
Bell sleeves and bare shoulders, rings, henna tattoos on the hands and arms, bracelets and necklaces.
Simple dress and excess accessories, like a gipsy princess. The real touch of class? Leather boots under the wedding dress.

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Remember that the more comfortable your outfit will be, the more you will have fun and relax at the splendid party organized, to celebrate the love between two free spirits, between music, friends and nature! Yours will be an unforgettable wedding as if you were two rockstar.

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