How to decorate a garden: many outdoor ideas to use the outdoor space not only in summer

How to decorate a garden? The dream of many garden owners is to include a beautiful and comfortable swimming pool in their outdoor environment. Don't think that you need a lot of space to do this: watch the video and find out how easy it is to make this dream come true even in medium-sized gardens! Then continue reading the article to discover our tips and ideas for garden furniture to inspire you.

Furnish a garden: let's start with the plants!

Plants can be the great protagonists when it comes to decorating a garden. And it couldn't be otherwise. Green, of course, certainly cannot be missing in the space outside your home, in any way! In fact, if you have a garden, you know well how this green area manages to give you relaxation and serenity, simply with a glance from the window of the house. Not only that, plants are also able to purify the air we breathe with a great advantage for our lungs. When it comes to decorating a garden, however, aesthetics and functionality must necessarily coexist to ensure a modular space, where there is. place for everything: eat, relax, play and indulge in your passions! It is therefore important first of all to divide the large or small garden into thematic areas. Create a more intimate space bordered perhaps by climbing plants where you can eat for lunch or dinner when the weather permits, an "area in which to rest with flowerbeds with colorful flowers and a few trees capable of giving coolness and refreshment in the hottest hours of the day. Here we can also insert pieces of furniture tailored to our needs, a "hammock if we like to delight in reading, a" swing if there are small children in the house with a great desire to play in the open air! Another very important aspect concerns the choice of vases: there are of every style and every possible size, remember to choose your style and your color palette and stay faithful to create a sophisticated and relaxing chromatic coherence (and never by chance ).

When it comes to decorating a garden, ideas are never enough, take a look at these images too and let yourself be inspired!

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Outdoor furniture

The relaxation area of ​​the gardens: many furnishing ideas!

The relaxation area of ​​your garden is ideal for spending pleasant evenings in the company of friends or in the tranquility of your family. You can't miss sofas with soft cushions and armchairs, maxi cushions resting on the grass and a nice table in order to create a real outdoor living area. You can characterize this area with a small pergola enriched with flowers and climbing plants, or a more modern canopy, with roller blinds. If you prefer a more informal atmosphere, you can also opt for a garden umbrella, there are various types, the trendiest of the moment are reclining, maxi and colorful. In this space you can also insert furnishing elements such as a beautiful hammock, a rocking chair. relaxing in which to unwind, as well as of course sun loungers or deck chairs to fold and put away when winter arrives. If there are small children in the house, you can also insert furniture elements suitable for their age in the garden, from small armchairs with mini cushions to carousels, such as small slides or swings. And if you are a DIY ace, dream beyond: a wonderful little house on a tree built entirely of wood! If you prefer luxury and well-being instead of DIY, you can place a swimming pool in the garden and you will surely make the whole family, adults and children happy. If there is not enough space to insert a swimming pool in the garden, don't despair: there are really delicious 4-seater whirlpools (and they don't always cost too much)! What if there are four-legged friends at home? Think also of your pets and put in the garden a soft bed for them too for the moments you will spend together in the open air! Have you fallen in love with the ideas you have read? Go ahead!

The dining area of ​​the gardens: a thousand ideas for the whole family.

Even the dining area lends itself to a thousand different interpretations depending on the case. The important thing is that it is surrounded by a little privacy, so place the table and chairs in a hidden spot in the garden, perhaps surrounded by vines. Another tip is to choose the furnishings based on the space available. If the garden is small, it is better to opt for folding tables and chairs so that you can move them when they are not needed and use your garden for other uses. Near the dining area of ​​the gardens you can place a barbecue for relaxing family barbecues or if you prefer a stone oven: homemade pizza is a real treat! You can choose a designer table and chairs or opt for simpler solutions in contact with nature. The dining area does not have to be huge, just a secluded corner and some nice ideas of style for your lunches and dinners in the open air. With creativity, everything is possible!
Today more and more people choose to furnish their garden with DIY furniture, for example using the pallet, with which for example it is possible and easy to make sofas, tables, outdoor tables and even splendid shelves in which to place the smallest plants. .

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How to decorate the garden and turn it into a real paradise!

When you have used all the spaces, complete the job with suitable flooring. Slatted wood floor for the dining area, stone paths and all the rest with a nice green lawn in which to walk barefoot. You can also furnish a design garden by focusing on small romantic details, such as rose plants, a little house for birds in which a swallow or a robin can make a nest and find refreshment and a smartworking station to work in the morning in total peace and comfort. Do you want to put the quality of life of having breakfast in the garden or a videocall with the boss in the middle of your green paradise?
And since aesthetics and functionality must always go together, remember to sow the plants you love and care about in your garden. If you want to plant trees you can focus on olive trees but also on fruit plants with which you can prepare delicious jams with the fruits of the gardens. Don't forget to create a small corner dedicated to the kitchen: you don't have to cultivate a vegetable garden (even if it would be a wonderful idea) but aromatic herbs to use in the kitchen can not find a place in your garden, rosemary , thyme, mint: they are useful when you are cooking, you can grow them without effort, they are very fragrant and even keep away the mosquitoes that usually love outdoor spaces. And for a truly unique outdoor furniture you cannot miss a DIY greenhouse to be made in wood with your own hands: get to work on a beautiful sunny day, there can be placed pots of aromatic plants and the most delicate flowers during the day. winter.

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This is a brilliant idea: lights in the garden!

Lighting in the garden is one of the aspects that you absolutely must not neglect. Equip your garden with different types of lights. For example, you can use outdoor light garlands and design lanterns perfect for the relaxation area of ​​the gardens, and even candles. You can use LED spotlights, perhaps those that recharge with solar energy for the paths and passageways, while you can use lanterns and outdoor lights for larger spaces. Remember to best illuminate the dining area with a beautiful chandelier on the table in natural materials able to integrate perfectly with nature and thus transform your furnished garden into a small and precious masterpiece!

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