8 beauty resolutions for 2019: how to have a well-groomed look all year round

Beautiful all year round! Follow our beauty tips!
We have selected 8 for perfect skin, a well-groomed appearance and a feeling of well-being that lasts 365 days a year.
Also follow all the trends of 2019 to be flawless and feel beautiful every day!

1. Loose and flowing hair

The trend of next year wants the hair to be left natural.
Give them a kick with this volumizing spray from Tigi and let them take any shape they like.

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2. Perfect nails for a long time

Flawless manicure, without the risk of getting chipped nail polish after 5 minutes? Try Sally Hansen's gel polish for up to 7 days lasting nail polish!

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3. Natural glow on your face

The highlighter will be your best friend this year too!
This one from L "Oréal Paris is perfect for a glamorous yet natural effect, try it on cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes and it will seem that the sun is always shining on your face!

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4. Velvet skin thanks to gold

Transform your weekly mask into a precious beauty ritual with this gold mask that stimulates the production of collagen. For smoother and more elastic skin, despite weekly fatigue!

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5. Deep and flawless facial cleansing

Have you ever heard of Clarisonic?
The brush that deeply cleanses your pores, giving you a unique feeling of purification. Perfect after a day in the midst of smog. It also has a second brush which is a brush for applying foundation.
A must try!

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6. Oriental charm with temporary tattoos

Copy the style of the wonderful Indian brides with these tattoos, already sported by the stars.
Beautiful in summer to give personality to a simple look, but if after a while they don't convince you, you can always wash them away!

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7. Feet looked after even in winter

Taking care of your feet only in the summer is truly a fall in style.
Run for cover with the Velvet Soft Roll, for soft and hydrated feet even in winter.
And then sandals are also a must in winter, for special evenings!

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8. Very thick and drawn eyebrows

This year too, thick eyebrows are reconfirmed as a great trend in terms of beauty.
According to the beauty gurus, the best product to draw them and give intensity to the look is this by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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