The best birthday gifts for 3 year olds

At the age of 3, kindergarten begins and the children begin to change their habits! First of all they begin to learn real lessons, always in the form of a game. It is essential to continue to stimulate them even when they return home. Green light therefore to creative games such as plasticine or drawing and to educational and interactive games. The advantage is that most toys start at age 3 and up. there is a whole world of games to discover!

If you don't know where to start, here is a list of ideas for the right gift for the puppy who turns 3!

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Play-Doh Kit

The soft and colorful Play-Doh modeling clay is a game that stimulates the creativity and imagination of children: they can give shape to any idea, mix colors and reshape any creation, Play-Doh pasta is endless fun and always new one. Complete with tools for cutting and shaping and a bag to hold everything.

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Binoculars for children

Great for bird watching, learning, stargazing, sports games, hiking, learning, traveling and enjoying the wilderness! The compact 5x30 kids binoculars are a great tool for kids to explore nature and have fun from the world under the binocular lens. Comes with extra gifts: compass, magnifying glass, shoulder strap, nylon carrying case, lens cleaning cloth.

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Magic slate

An easy to use and smart slate. It is divided into 4 different colored areas, the nib is tied to a thread to avoid losing it.
Just pull the eraser lever from left to right to remove designs and start from the beginning.
Writing and drawing, help your child develop creativity and imagination!

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Lisciani talking pen

50 colored cards representing different games, to have fun with Carotina, a talking pen by Lisciani that will guide the child in a world of fun quizzes.
Baby carrot will tell your baby when the answer is right or wrong.
The little ones will love it!


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