6 poses to look great in photographs

"Girls come on, let's take a picture". Usually, to say it is the photogenic friend, the one who looked good even that time you did after, you went to bed for forty minutes and on the ferry she had the courage to take out her mobile phone for a selfie.
If you are not one of them, one of those creatures that were born for the camera, for you 6 poses that could save you: after all, not all of us are lucky enough to have a professional photographer at our disposal ...

1. Play with fractions (and with the 3/4 pose)

Photographs with the 3/4 pose are useful for at least two reasons: first of all they bring out your best side, second, they do not show the whole face which always risks appearing less slender than it actually is.
Tilt it slightly downwards, this will highlight the cheekbones.

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2. Feel like Wonder Woman (but only halfway)

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Models often use this technique, and when it comes to photos, we really have a lot to learn from them. Put one hand on your hip and bring your hips forward slightly, so that the hip you don't have your hand on will seem thinner because it is under tension.
If you are unsure about your waistline, even though we are more than sure it is fine as it is, this trick could help!

3. Become a dancer

For full-length photos, always avoid shots from above, they can be particularly merciless, and always let yourself be portrayed from below. As far as possible, lean forward a little so as to be on tiptoe: in this way your figure will thin!

4. Feel like Wonder Woman (in full)

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Hands on hips help cover imperfections and make you feel more confident in front of the camera. Additionally, it has been scientifically proven that this pose increases self-esteem and helps us feel invincible.
In case the photo should still come out badly ... We would have gained in self-esteem!
(The costume is obviously optional because we don't need any special clothes to be Wonder Women).

5. Frame your face

The frames have the role of enhancing what is inside them: our face is certainly a noteworthy "work of art"!
Make the pose more natural and frame your face with your hands, keeping in mind that it is best not to show your palm to the lens: one photo at a time and you will find the perfect combo!

6. Try the Thelma and Louise from above

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This is one of the most iconic selfies in the history of cinema, however, if the protagonists of the Oscar-winning film had had a smartphone, they would have soon realized that the photos from sitting, if not those from above, do not do us justice.
If you are looking for a lazy shot, without any desire to get up from your chair, take this tip into account!

And anyway, if someone who isn't you doesn't like your photos ... Don't be afraid to answer them in kind!

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