The perfect piece of jewelry for you based on your character

In collaboration with PANDORA

A woman's look is almost never the result of casual or impersonal choices. This is because behind every combination there is something punctual, precise: a state of mind, a passing feeling, the main traits of our character but also the weather. In fact, with the arrival of spring and with the temperatures rising , our mood also changes and opens up to nature and beautiful days, just like the new PANDORA Shine collection with its jewels inspired by the world of bees and the rays of the sun, in 925 Sterling Silver plated with 18K Gold. So, as happens with a sweater, a pair of shoes, a bag, even the choice of jewels represents a way to express our personality, our way of approaching things, people, situations. Let's see it together, so then we can dedicate ourselves to a nice training session, like this:

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Confident and sociable: rings

If you are sure of yourself, the perfect jewel is the ring or, better still, the rings. Hands are our presentation and allow us to get in touch with people: we shake them to introduce ourselves to a stranger, we wave them to greet when we are going away, we put them on one shoulder to give comfort. Embellishing them with rings immediately makes it clear what we are made of, makes them stand out, makes them memorized. Here is an example:

© PANDORA Shine Sure of you - rings

Romantic and sensual: necklaces with pendant

Are you a romantic person? Love, the fulfillment of a family, the best job for you are not dreams but goals? Pendant necklaces are the perfect jewels. Alone, or combined with each other, this type of necklace is the one that comes closest to the organ that is the symbol of romantics: the heart. It enhances the neck, moves the gaze to the décolleté and enhances its lines, highlighting a refined and delicate sensuality. Look at the effect


© PANDORA Shine Romantic and sensual - pendant necklaces

Shy and thoughtful: bracelets

Are you a reserved person, quite shy but very thoughtful and deep? The right jewel for you is the bracelet. A very elegant accessory, which can only be seen when you come into contact with you more "closely". A representation of what relationships with you can be: more "complicated" at the first approach but extremely engaging at a later time.

© PANDORA Shine Shy and thoughtful - bracelets

Original and "limited edition": mix of unique jewels

You reflect the style that some jewels express: explosive, original, fascinating. It is not so much the jewel itself that describes your personality, even if inevitably your eye falls on the limited editions (like those in the photo), but how you combine them, which ones you choose, how you wear them. Opt for a creative mix, for a particular choice, for something that does justice to your personality: unique!

Original - limited edition

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