The best irons on offer on Amazon

We know it! Ironing isn't exactly the best way to spend your free time.
Whether you are one of those lucky few who find it therapeutic or one of those who put off ironing until the pile of clothes touch the ceiling, ironing is often necessary and part of those "adult life" tasks.

If you are looking for your first iron or a new one, we have selected for you the best models of the most reliable brands, all on offer on Amazon!
Take a look at our selection.

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Rowenta DW6010

Rowenta Eco Intelligence is the perfect combination of ironing results and energy saving. The high efficiency of the ironing results is allowed by the Microsteam 400 3De soleplate, equipped with 400 active micro holes, maximizes efficiency through the excellent diffusion of steam and ensures optimal energy consumption thanks also to the Eco Steam lever, with which you will avoid any waste.

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Polti Vaporella 505

Vaporella 515 Pro is the steam iron with boiler and safety cap that adapts to any type of fabric. Steam regulation, in fact, allows you to adjust the intensity of the steam produced in the boiler, allowing you to iron each fabric with the right amount of steam.
The insulating and breathable cork handle allows you to iron with ease thanks to the soft grip.

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Bosch TDA2610

A great deal, this Bosch iron, the cheapest on our list.
Palladium-glissée design plate that releases an "ideal steam distribution," exceptional smoothness and self-cleaning from limestone.
The thermostat is adjustable to select the most suitable temperature for the fabric you are ironing.

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Aries 4167

The object of desires of the moment! Easy to use and absolutely portable.
It heats up in seconds and has a removable tank that can be filled directly under the tap or with the special measuring cup. Also supplied with lint brush and bristle brush.

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