Magnesium: the 10 miraculous benefits you did not know about, from the skin to the cycle!

1. The benefits of magnesium on the muscular system

Magnesium is very useful against cramps, contractures or simple muscle fatigue. It acts at the neuronal level by regulating the excitability of the membranes. A deficiency of magnesium and potassium, in fact, can be among the first causes if you suffer from this kind of muscle problems and it will be necessary to integrate them.

2. Gastro-intestinal system: when magnesium helps digestion

Magnesium is a real panacea if you suffer from problems with the gastro-intestinal system: it is in fact very effective in regulating digestion and bowel function, both in the case of constipation and diarrhea. It can also be useful against colitis and intestinal inflammation, helping to keep the system clean.

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3. The benefits of magnesium in pregnancy

In pregnancy, magnesium is very important: it helps women relax the uterine area, preventing pregnant women from supplementing their diet with an intake of about 350 milligrams of magnesium per day.

4. Magnesium and nutrition: an aid to metabolism

In fact, it would seem that magnesium has the ability to help the body regulate its metabolism. For this reason it is widely used in diets: according to some studies it would help regulate glucose in the blood and moreover, by acting on the nervous system, it would decrease the so-called "stress hunger", helping to keep the line.

5. The benefits of magnesium against anxiety

Magnesium helps fight anxiety and is often used in therapies against depression. Its ability to act directly on the nervous system requires an additional intake in times of greater stress or if you suffer from panic attacks or other anxious manifestations. . It can also be used as a supplement in a difficult time such as post-partum depression ...

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6. Magnesium and cycle: an aid for menstrual pains

Taking magnesium in the period leading up to your period can alleviate all the pain and mood swings associated with PMS. It is also very useful in the period of menopause, because it regulates hot flashes and anxious and depressive disorders.

7. The benefits of magnesium on the skin

Magnesium helps fight water retention and purify the skin. In fact, it is often recommended as an adjuvant for acne treatments. It performs a very useful antibacterial function that acts directly on pimples and facial imperfections.

8. The action of magnesium against fatigue

Magnesium is the energizing mineral par excellence! It helps not only to relax, but also to recharge, acting directly on the enzymatic processes linked to fatigue and which can cause asthenia. In these cases, supplementing your diet with an extra dose of magnesium is highly recommended!

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9. The benefits of magnesium on the bones

Magnesium helps to fix calcium in the bones, preventing osteoporosis and counteracting the formation of limestone deposits and arthritis. Its ability to regulate and repair is extremely important in defending and strengthening our bones.

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10. Magnesium: a champion against stress

Finally, magnesium acts directly on the nervous system, helping to calm stress and all the problems that derive from it, from headaches to palpitations, from stomach acid to muscle tension. Taking the necessary amount in your diet is essential because a deficiency of this mineral could in turn represent a cause of the increase in symptoms related to stress.

In short, magnesium is a real gold mine, in terms of benefits.
To always have a source of magnesium with you, always keep some dried fruit in your bag.
Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and co. they help improve mental processes such as attention and concentration, keeping stress and fatigue away.

Eat some even before physical activity, you will be able to discharge negative energy and train without the risk of incurring muscle pain.
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For more useful information on magnesium, you can visit the Humanitas website.

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