What is the sound of your skin? Listen to it and find out what it has to tell you!

Our skin speaks. It tells about us, who we are and what we feel, what are the emotions and sensations we are experiencing. Everything we experience in our intimacy emerges to the surface, emits vibrations and resonates with the world. And the vibrations, you know, produce music.

Have you ever wondered then what is the sound of your skin? The truth is that we often don't listen to it enough. Have you ever noticed, for example, the music your body produces when it comes into contact with different surfaces? If you close your eyes and try to listen to the flow of water from a tap through your fingers, if you focus on the sound that that encounter produces, you will be able to hear your skin emit new vibrations, talk to you about yourself.

We often take the small beauties of the world for granted, yet our body is made to discover them, to experience them, and the skin is the means we have to do so. If until today you believed you could only know your skin through touch and smell, open yourself up to the possibility of living an "experience of synesthesia: mixing the senses will give you unexpected emotions and you will be able to" listen "to your skin even with the" hearing.
This is the great bet (absolutely won) by sound designer Chiara Luzzana, who created a real "skin soundtrack" for NIVEA, recording the sound responses to different stimuli, in an exciting sensorial tunnel full of suggestions. Watch the video that we propose below and get ready to be amazed:

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Have you heard what wonderful music our body is capable of producing? And we had never noticed! Our skin is able to express in sounds what it hears and every emotion born from the contact with what surrounds us is expressed in the delicate and enveloping notes emitted by our skin.

Of course, with hydrated skin it's all "other music! It is no coincidence that Chiara Luzzana has lent her art to NIVEA, which has always given us a very deep" hydration with her creams. Now, with its new innovative formula, the benefits that its use brings on our skin are even greater: this must-have of the beauty routine now offers a "hydration that lasts 48 hours, a soft skin for longer and all the delicacy and naturalness of a paraben-free product.

The Nourishing Body Cream is enriched with a double quantity of almond oil. The results will be immediately visible and your skin will not just speak, but will sing the most sublime of melodies, telling the world the secret of your beauty.

Express Moisturizing Body Cream guarantees "deep hydration and rapid absorption. Enriched with" intense hydration serum "and mineral salts, it is easy to apply and immediately leaves a lasting feeling of freshness, while dry skin is visibly smoother and nourished since. from the first application and equally exceptional results are guaranteed by the Velvety Body Cream, enriched with shea butter, in addition to the "intense hydration serum".

In collaboration with NIVEA

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