Kitchen knives: how to choose the right model?

A quality knife set is essential to have a complete and well-equipped kitchen. There are different types to meet all the needs of cooks and home cooks, so it is important to know how to choose the right model! In this article we explain the main characteristics of each knife model to help you choose the best one for you!

The main features of kitchen knives

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To choose the correct kitchen knife, you need to know the different criteria that guide the creation of each model:

1. The blade: the blade is the most important thing, because its design defines its function. Some models allow you to cut almost anything, while others have very specific functions that can simplify and improve your technique.
2. The length: the long blades are more suitable for cutting meat and fish, while the shorter ones facilitate the slicing of fruit and vegetables.
3. The material: some materials are more resistant (and even more expensive) than others. There are different types of material to create the blades, each with different characteristics and functions: carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic ...
4. The needs of those who cook: it is very important to take into account the habits of those who cook. There are no wrong preferences ... some people prefer metal blades, others prefer ceramic ones, everyone will be able to find the most suitable model to their needs.
5. The handle: it must adapt well to the cook's hand and habits. The heavier ones are more suitable for those who are used to cooking meat, the lighter ones for those who cook more vegetables, etc.

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Ideal kitchen knives for vegetables


Vegetables can be cut easily with all types of knives, but some models are more suitable for this use. These models are therefore specified as "vegetable knives": they have small and slightly curved blades for more control when peeling vegetables.

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Ideal kitchen knives for meat

To cut the meat it is better to opt for a longer knife, slightly heavier and with a thicker blade and handle to make it easier to cut the hardest pieces. There are also specific knives for boning, skinning or removing the skin.

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Ceramic kitchen knives


Ceramic kitchen knives have become very popular lately because they offer a lot of advantages: the main quality is related to the blades, which are extremely sharp and do not lose their edge easily over time. Furthermore, this material has the super advantage of not absorbing the taste of the cut food. If you are preparing several things at the same time, just a little water and you are good to go! You can find different models of ceramic knives for your needs.

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Japanese kitchen knives


Japanese knives are slightly different from Western knives. Often, they are not made with the steel we are used to and therefore are more delicate, requiring more attention in maintenance and cleaning and to be dried quickly after each use, but we guarantee you that it is worth it! prepare typical Japanese dishes and also other western menus. Usually the blades are produced with grooves that prevent food from sticking to the blade as in the case of the Santoku knife model, famous for being quite versatile in the kitchen because it is capable of cutting and slicing fish, fruit, vegetables and even aromatic herbs.

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