The meaning of the 4 most recurring erotic dreams

They happen to all of us, they leave us perplexed, shocked and generate a thousand questions about our sexuality. Erotic dreams populate our nights with pushed images and our days with doubts and perplexities.
It is good to clarify it once and for all: it is perfectly normal to have this kind of dreams.
There is no need to worry if you have sexual dreams and, above all, there is no question of your sexual and relational balance.

A psychosociologist has analyzed some of the most recurrent erotic dreams and briefly explained their meaning to us.

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1. Making love with a friend's father

I dreamed of making love on vacation and with the father of a friend of mine. To tell the truth, I haven't seen her for a long time.

It is a classic, a dream full of incestuous impulses, having dreams like this is absolutely normal. If you dream of the father of a friend or a friend, it is usually a person who has been lost to sight due to an argument or distance. This allows you to add an extra protective screen to the images of this incestuous dream.
Furthermore, the place where the relationship takes place is almost always full of symbolic values. Holidays, for example, represent a place characterized by the freedom to express oneself and devoid of any stakes.

2. Cheating with your boss under your partner's eyes

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They took me to a barracks and then I started kissing my boss, under the eyes of my partner

This is also a recurring dream, that of making love with someone who holds authority, especially if it is a person who has great decision-making power. The figure of the partner in this case is passive and detached, as if it does not give enough attention to the person in question.
The dream setting plays a very important role. The barracks means that those who dream have spent a lot of time living the sexual sphere as if it were wrong, almost a prohibition and that, in bed, they are not used to taking the initiative.
It does not necessarily represent the desire to betray one's partner but in this case the question is a must: are we happy with him?

3. Making love with your brother

My brother is much older than me and lives far away. I run away from something and stop in a forest where a man is waiting for me sitting on a tablecloth. And "him, he comforts me and we try to make love but I always wake up before starting

This more than an erotic dream is a dream full of anguish! The protagonist looks for something and protects herself from the incestuous act by always waking up before love. If there are no particular ties with the brother, it is very likely that this symbolizes the father figure with whom the girl in question probably has unresolved issues.

4. Making love to a woman

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I was in my usual beauty center in a windowless room, first a dwarf started massaging me and then I had to massage my female boss

A dream set in a closed environment, without windows, means a hidden place, away from prying eyes and in which we can act without being judged by others. The fact that the only man present is a dwarf, something smaller than us, in the language of dreams, represents a manipulable creature.
This dream does not necessarily reveal homosexual drives but its meaning must be sought in "equality: within this, in fact, there is always a person who clearly holds the power and another" who, despite himself, finds himself undergoing .

Having erotic dreams is perfectly normal. In fact, in women, just like in men, 8% of dreams are of a sexual nature. We must not be ashamed of having this type of dreams, which serve to exorcise our impulses. Indeed, we should be happy, because they help our psychic balance.
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