Are you a fan of "50 shades"? Then you can't miss these erotic novels!

It is said that the trilogy of 50 shades of Grey marked a turning point in the genre of erotic literature. In fact, E. L. James' erotic novels, bestsellers around the world, are not the first and they will not be the last to talk about sex so explicitly! In fact, in recent years, thanks to the success of the trilogy with the gloomy Christian Gray, the shelves of libraries have been filled with erotic novels that are enjoying a certain popularity among the female audience. We have made a selection of the best-selling and popular erotic novels of recent times: if you loved the saga of 50 shades you absolutely cannot let them escape!

"A Naked For You" by Sylvia Day

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Naked for you is the new erotic novel that has conquered the world. Quickly becoming a bestseller in the United States, it is the first volume that makes up the trilogy Crossfire. We are sure it will keep you glued to its pages until you finish all three books!

Plot: Eva is a young college graduate with a troubled past who is about to start her first job in a New York advertising agency. Here she meets Gideon Cross, the owner of the company, a businessman with irresistible charisma and charm. The two feel an almost instant attraction for each other which turns into a real obsession. Over time, Eva will discover that Gideon also has his hidden demons ...

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"Calendar Girl" by Audrey Carlan


Calendar Girl is a series of erotic books written by Audrey Carlan. Quest "author peaked at number 1 on the best-selling book charts of New York Times, USA Today And The Wall Street Journal, becoming in a few months the revelation of erotic literature. Are you ready to enter Mia's world with these unconventional novels?

Storyline: Mia needs money. Much money. To be exact, he needs a million dollars asap. Her father's life is in danger and she only has one year to pay off all her debts. That's why she finds herself taking a job she never thought she'd be doing: playing the role of the successful girlfriend of 12 different men in 12 months.

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"Slave for Revenge" by Ann Owen


Slave for revenge is a novel set in Victorian London, written and self-published by Ann Owen. As you can see from the title, it is a somewhat rough erotic story that features a girl forced to submit to the perverse fantasies of a brutal man. According to the reviews of Amazon readers, the stories told reach the limit of admissibility. that's why we only want to recommend it to the less faint of heart!

Plot: Jane Hartwell wants to help her father, fallen into poverty, not to end up in prison. That's why she decides to ask for help from Guy Spencer, fourth Earl of Ashbourne and her stepbrother, who feels a deep hatred for her and offers her a deal: in exchange, she will have to become his sex slave for six months. Jane is forced to accept.

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"Diary of a Submissive" by Sophie Morgan


If you like explicit reading at the 50 shades, then you have to put it on your list Diary of a submissive! It is an autobiographical erotic novel published by Sophie Morgan, a bestselling British writer and journalist. The book was defined as "the true 50 shades of Grey", as the author has fictionalized her own personal experience with dominant men in bed!

Plot: Sophie Morgan is thirty "years old, she is a brilliant journalist and an independent woman. Her public life is all about success, but her private life contrasts with appearances: in the bedroom, in fact, Sophie loves to lose control and letting oneself be dominated to the point of renouncing any freedom. Her encounter with James will push her beyond her limits.

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"I look at you" by Irene Cao


I see you is the first novel of the erotic trilogy I look at you, I feel you, I want you written by Irene Cao. The series soon achieved success in Italy and was translated abroad in as many as 14 foreign countries, becoming a real publishing case. A fourth book was recently published, I love you, which takes up the story of the protagonist couple. If you like a more realistic eroticism and want to read something alternative to 50 shades, this novel is for you!

Plot: Elena is 29 years old, she fell in love with Filippo, but she never knew the passion in her life. When he meets Leonardo, an internationally renowned chef, all his certainties collapse. Leonardo will make her explore an unknown world of shapes, smells, flavors, and above all he will guide her beyond the limits of pleasure, but on one condition: she will not be able to fall in love with him. Elena accepts the deal and lets herself be seduced.

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