Snail slime cream: 3 benefits for top skin!

A research that appeared in the official magazine ofInternational Society of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology highlighted the multiple properties of snail slime.
On closer inspection, however, snail slime is a classic grandmother's remedy! An ancient natural method, used by peasant families to combat calluses, warts and promote the healing of scars.

Going even further back, it was discovered that in 19th-century France, "sirop d'escargot" was the mucilaginous preparation par excellence: a spoon was enough to get rid of phlegm. And again in France, where the tradition of studies on the benefits of snail slime dates back to the 1700s, in 1953 the pharmacist and researcher André Quevauviller in his clinical study entitled "The mucus of Helix pomatia L .; preparation, composition, therapeutic and pharmacodynamic properties, biologic assay”, He illustrated, confirming, the virtues against cough, pertussis and chronic bronchitis.

Only more recently have its aesthetic benefits been discovered that have led it to become a precious ingredient of many creams and beauty treatments.
And before discovering all the virtues of snail slime creams, especially for keeping the skin of the face young, see how to correctly apply the anti-wrinkle cream in this video.

Snail slime cream: the benefits for the skin

The aesthetic properties of snail slime were discovered by chance in the 1980s in Chile by the Bascunan family who raised snails. They noticed that their hands were surprisingly smooth and soft, they never showed any signs of dryness or aging, and any small wounds healed quickly, without becoming infected and leaving scars.

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This is thanks to the substances contained in a natural and bioavailable form whose action reduces the most common skin imperfections: wrinkles, acne marks, blemishes, scars, stretch marks and redness, as confirmed by Dr. Laura Sangalli, graduate in Biological Sciences and responsible of the Bubble & CO Laboratory.

But let's see these benefits more specifically.

Snail slime cream to combat wrinkles, stretch marks and scars

The snail slime promises a reduction of wrinkles and scars, restoring a more compact, luminous, smooth and hydrated skin.

The collagen contained in it is a protein that promotes skin tone, repairing and restructuring it, elastin - also present in snail slime - makes the skin elastic, while glycolic acid exfoliates, promoting turnover cellular, counteracting skin discoloration and promoting the formation of endogenous collagen.

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Snail slime cream against acne and pimples

Thanks to the glycolic acid contained in snail slime and its exfoliating and regenerating power, the snail slime-based formulations are also very effective in eliminating acne and significantly reducing the scars it leaves.
By using these preparations consistently, you will notice a renewal of the epidermis and, at the same time, it will help prevent the accumulation of impurities.

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Snail slime cream to prevent wrinkles

If you do not yet have very mature skin, you can take advantage of the active ingredients of snail slime, combining it with other ingredients useful for moisturizing the skin, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles in a completely natural way.

Thanks to its properties, snail slime stimulates the synthesis of native collagen, and the elastin, vitamins and mucopolysaccharides contained in it strengthen this anti-aging effect by acting on the level of elasticity of the skin and on the degree of dryness.

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Snail slime cream: where is it found?

Since all the virtues of snail slime have been discovered, it has been included in many beauty products in more or less high concentrations. Here are some of the creams that contain the most.

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As highlighted, snail slime is also a widely used ingredient in creams to combat and minimize stretch marks. Here in the gallery other specific products for this imperfection.

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