5 reasons why we fell in love with the Twinings Infusion Collection

In collaboration with Twinings

Let's start from a premise: Twinings has always been synonymous with tea. Did you know that the company is more than 300 years old? That said, Twinings has recently also launched infusions, of many different and fascinating flavors! We have been lucky enough to try some, at least all those present in the "Infuso Collection, that is a collection of 5 different flavors of natural and caffeine-free infusions. We tried more classic flavors but also particular flavors, new and delicious mixes of fruit, herbs and spices. Before explaining the 5 reasons why you should try it too, let's make you see how it's done


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1) They are natural and caffeine-free infusions

Twinings teas are not only 100% natural, but also naturally caffeine-free, making them palatable to everyone. The naturalness of these infusions is also a guarantee of taste: pure and simple, without "artificial" aftertaste. We can drink them at any time of day, and in any season of the year. We can choose them by evaluating the combinations of herbs, fruit and spices, but we can choose them simply by being guided by the senses, first of all smell and then taste!

2) You are spoiled for choice

The advantage of choosing the Infusion Collection lies precisely in having the possibility of trying more flavors, giving the opportunity to those who approach infusions for the first time to get an idea of ​​what their preferences may be; and to give those who love infusions the opportunity to pamper themselves with different flavors ranging from fresh and lively flavors to warm and welcoming ones.

3) There are 5 tastes, each with a different emotion

The flavors present in the Infuso Collection are the following, each a healthy carrier of different emotions:

  • Ginger and lemon, sparkling and spicy, has a fresh and intoxicating taste.
  • Fennel, mint and licorice, by nature sweet and refreshing, has a strong and pleasant taste.
  • Cherry and cinnamon, with a magical scent, has a velvety and enveloping taste.
  • Red fruits, lively and with a super aroma, it has an intense and welcoming taste.
  • Lemon Twist, intense and lively, gives a charge of joy and spontaneity.

Our favorite infusions are ginger and lemon, perfect for any occasion, and cherry and cinnamon, an unusual combination that really drove us crazy!
Do you want to find out which one might be right for you? Do this simple test:

4) Perfect for giving flavor to the liter and a half of water daily ...

As diligent women as we are, one of the goals we set ourselves in the editorial office is to drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day each, making each other strong. But how difficult can it be to do it every day, especially when it's cold outside and we just don't want water? With the Infuso Collection we have the possibility to give the daily water a different flavor every day. Have you ever tried to manage your daily water quantity like this? We have, and it has changed our lives! Drinking water becomes much easier and tastier!

5) ... but also for a cuddle after dinner

We then discovered that the infusion is an excellent ally when you feel like something sweet or cuddling after dinner. Hot water, infusion for 2-5 minutes maximum and that's it: you can satisfy the small cravings after dinner by avoiding eating that piece of chocolate every evening "which is small, whatever you want it to be". In short, try to believe, what are you waiting for!

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