The September 2018 Horoscope: a hot month for Scorpio!

Aries: watch out for Mercury ...

Dear Aries, the month of August was not easy for your sign, especially as regards feelings: the opposition of Venus has put a spoke in the wheel of your relationship, in some cases even leading to a breakup. The month of September will be much better! In fact, starting from day 9, the planet of love will no longer be the opposite and everything can be fixed. On the business front, however, you should step forward and act within the first twenty days of the month: starting from the 21st, in fact, the planet Mercury will enter into opposition to your sign and it will be difficult to find the right contacts and the opportunities you are looking for. Mars, on the other hand, returns to smile at you from day 10, giving you a month of strength from the point of view of health.

Taurus: heart problems ...

Dear Taurus, the month of September will not be easy for your sign as far as feelings are concerned: unfortunately, starting from day 9, the planet Venus will enter into opposition. The more established couples may experience moments of tension, while those who are already facing problems risk not being able to find a solution if they do not put all the seriousness and listening skills they are capable of, without being stubborn ... work you will have a very positive period between day 5 and day 20, in which you may receive some good news. Mars, starting from day 10, becomes unfavorable: you can feel a little down physically and without much energy ... give yourself a little relaxation when you can!

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Gemini: risk of boredom!

Dear Gemelli, after having experienced a super-positive August as far as feelings are concerned, this September may seem rather flat: the great emotions of the last few weeks will be missing and the risk of boredom will be high, especially for someone like you who always needs new ones. stimuli ... Work will take care of it, on the other hand, to keep you busy: from day 5 to day 20, a Mercury in an unfavorable position could create some blockages or slowdowns in your projects. If possible, move all important appointments from September 21 onwards. Mars, starting from day 10, will act in your favor and will give you strength and determination! Discover now the three best adjectives to define yourself:

Cancer: positive energy!

Dear Cancer, if the month of August was not kind to you as regards the feelings, in September you can have your revenge: starting from day 9, in fact, the planet Venus will stop hindering you and will return to act in your favor. Couples who have survived the summer unscathed will rediscover the passion and complicity that seemed to have been lost. Even from a psycho-physical point of view, September will represent a real rebirth for you: starting from day 10, Mars will no longer be in opposition and you will return to feel energetic and proactive. At work there will be good opportunities in the period between 5 and 20: after that date it will be more difficult to get what you want.

Leo: a heavy return ...

Dear Leo, if August was a really super month for your sign, the return of September promises to be a bit heavy ... Unfortunately, starting from day 10, Mars will enter in opposition to your sign: you will be attacked by some ailments and by a little more tiredness. But it will be above all the planet Venus to give you a hard time: starting from day 9, in fact, it will turn its back on you. After the summer idyll, some problems will arise in your relationship and you will be the first to question it ... try to always listen to your partner and avoid relationship-ruining attitudes! From a business point of view, focus on the last 10 days of the month, when you will have Mercury to support you.

Virgo: how much passion!

Dear Virgin, are you ready to experience a September full of passion? Your sign, starting from day 9, will have the favor of Venus with it: the planet of love will make your relationship very hot ... and, if you are still single, great encounters are prepared, especially in the period from 5 to September 20, when Mercury will enter your sign! The same period will be marked by a good fortune in the workplace: prepare to receive more than one recognition and do not miss any of the numerous opportunities that will not fail to arrive! The first 10 days of the month, moreover, you will have an extra gear: the planet Mars will give you grit and energy to sell.

Libra: Mercury in conjunction!

Dear Libra, until day 9 the planet Venus will continue to dwell in your sign: take advantage of its support to settle outstanding issues with your partner or to address that important issue that has been close to your heart for some time ... the communication between you in these first days of the month will work great! At work, however, the luckiest period will be the one that goes from day 21 onwards: Mercury will come into conjunction and will give your sign some really important weeks for your profession. The opportunities will be numerous, and so will the meetings that will prove to be fundamental for the future. From a physical point of view, the month will start a little down in tone, but starting from day 10 there will be a good recovery.

Scorpio: the month of love!

Dear Scorpio, September will be the month of love for your sign! Are you ready to hear your little heart beating very hard? Starting on day 9, Venus will enter your sign, making you more fascinating and sensual than ever, a true conqueror! It will be difficult for the most recidivist of singles to resist the lure of many suitors, while those who are already in a couple will be able to experience a period of great serenity and a beautiful return of passion. Even work will be favored in this month of September: after a few months of blocking, your projects will resume great and finally the opportunities you were waiting for will present themselves, especially in the period from 5 to 20.

Sagittarius: towards victory!

Dear Sagittarius, if the month of August has given you so much luck in every area of ​​your life, that of September will ask you to stop and consolidate everything you have earned. From a sentimental point of view, there will no longer be the emotional peaks of the past few weeks, but you will have the opportunity to really understand what you want from your relationship, especially if it was recently born. On the working level there will be obstacles and difficulties to overcome in the period from day 5 to 21, but don't worry: the last 10 days of the month will give you important opportunities and turning points. Mars, starting from day 10, becomes favorable to your sign, giving you all the strength you need to win every battle!

Capricorn: sentimental recovery!

Dear Capricorn, August was not good to you, especially with regard to sentimental matters ... Venus unfavorable has created disagreements and difficulties in your life as a couple, but now you can stop worrying: starting from day 9, the planet of love will come back to your side, and for the rest of the month you will enjoy a new and more serene sentimental stability. At work, on the other hand, focus everything on the period between day 5 and day 20, when you will have Mercury to favor you: this planet will help you carry out a project that is close to your heart, immediately giving you good results or completely positive results. positive. Finally, the first 10 days of the month will be super physically, thanks to the conjunction of Mars!

Aquarius: long live Mars!

Dear Aquarius, the month of August was not easy for your sign, especially from the point of view of work and interpersonal relationships: the opposition of Mercury has created many difficulties for you, putting various obstacles in your path. The good news is that, starting on day 5, Mercury won't give you any more problems! The opportunities you have been waiting for will finally arrive and communication with colleagues and family members will become easier. In love, however, starting from day 9, some more tension could arise: all the fault of Venus unfavorable that will bring quarrels with the partner on the agenda ... Luckily you will be able to count on Mars in conjunction, which will give you all the strength you need to be the winner from every point of view!

Pisces: Venus favorable!

Dear Pisces, yours was a summer of ups and downs from a sentimental point of view. Now finally, starting from day 9, you will be able to count on a favorable Venus, ready to help your relationship strengthen, giving you those certainties that you still don't feel you have now. The love and support of your partner will also help you to endure the probable difficulties on the work front: the planet Mercury, in fact, will enter into opposition to your sign starting from day 5 and until day 20. It will be a period ( short, thankfully!) in which you will live of blocks and it will be difficult to get what you want right away. From the end of the month it will be much better ...

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