Choose the perfume for the home

The Parfums

As for colors, everyone has their own tastes, however it is better to observe some rules:

- For passageways such as the entrance, choose a fruity scent, fresh and tonic.

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- For the living area, the living room for example, go to the ai fragrances white flowers (lily, jasmine, lily of the valley), which they have relaxing virtues.

- In the bedroom use i Orange flowers or the lavender.

- For work rooms (study, library ...) choose one sweet fragrance like musk, amber, sandalwood ...

The speakers

The scented candles

Timeless and effective, scented candles last between 15 and 80 hours. Buy some candles ai essential oils, in vegetable wax and with the wick in pure cotton (without paraffin): you will get a natural scent and avoid artificial substances that can cause annoying headache.

Natural sprays

Preferably buy a spray based on essential oils and alcohol for perfumery: the perfume will last longer.

The reed diffuser

It is about vials essence in which some immerse themselves bamboo sticks. The sticks they absorb the scent and spread it in the air without interruption. This type of diffuser is more or less effective depending on the size of the room.

Attention, by dint of smelling the same smell you get used to it and you don't perceives more.

Solid perfumes

It is about wax soaps to be melted into a essence burner. As with candles, choose a plant-wax-based one. The main advantage is that once the flame is extinguished, the wax does solidifies again and there is no risk of spreading it.

The dried flowers

- contained in a small bowl, they are very aesthetic and perfume the room!

- in small bags: hide them in the wardrobe or drawers ...

Concentrated perfumes

Concentrated perfumes are often used for invigorate the fragrance dried flowers or a perfumed object. You can also spray some on sheets and mattresses ...

Good to know: you've surely noticed: incense sticks, electric diffusers and mist lamps are not on the list! A 2004 study showed that most of these products are extremely combustion pollutants and spread a multitude of volatile organic compounds, irritating particles that can cause allergies or even tumors. Repeated in 2008, the same study yielded poor results. Do not choose at random, and always remember to ventilate your rooms well!

If you have purchased a quality product, you will not have to use too much for it to be effective and long-lasting, an overly persistent smell risks nauseating you. Also remember to always blow out candles when you leave a room.

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