Elisa Isoardi: "I'm not pregnant! I'm just a little fat ..."

It is one of the hottest issues in the gossip of our home, also because it involves an Italian politician who is very annoyed by the media and by the scoop of the gossip. We are talking about Elisa Isoardi and Matteo Salvini, whose relationship has been talked about for a long time, but which still has not found official confirmation today, even if it seems to resume to the truth. But that's not all, there would be an even more important question that would have warmed up the Northern League, so much so as to threaten lawsuits. Yes, because in recent days some Italian newspapers have talked about a possible pregnancy of the Piedmontese presenter, which would have made the not exactly calm and discreet Salvini go on a rampage. now the denial of the presenter has arrived live who, during the morning broadcast "On balance" has definitively silenced the rumors of an alleged sweet expectation: “I'm a little fat, I'm not pregnant“, Declared Isoardi. In short, no bows and storks arriving for the presenter and the Italian politician.

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