The short hair trend invades Disneyland: here are the short cuts of Ariel and Cinderella!

There are those who, even in real life, have incredibly long hair: we are talking about 17 meters of hair.

No wonder: we are used to seeing and dreaming of princesses with thick shiny hair, and trying to have one is only sensible.
It seems impossible, in fact, to imagine Rapunzel without her very long hair, Snow White without her raven hair and Merida without her rebellious fire-colored curls. But no, dear friends, this is also possible! Yes, because a Swedish artist (tumblr TheNamelessDoll) has come up with a slightly more modern version of the Disney princesses, revising their look, or rather the hairstyle: no more romantic long hair, refined chignon and prom hairstyles, it's time to very short helmets, cuts à la garçonne and even completely shaved heads. In short: Disney princesses follow the short hair trend! "Sacrilege!", You will say. But sometimes it's also nice not to take too seriously even real institutions like the mythical heroines of our favorite Disney cartoons. Abandon, if you can, a bit of excessive love for tradition and look at the most loved princesses of all time with decidedly short and trendy cuts. We approve! You?

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© All photos taken from TheNamelessDoll tumblr profile Ariel