5 sweet gift ideas for pastry lovers

Sugar sprinkled all over the kitchen, flour on clothes and a delicious apple pie fragrance that floods the house: some people like to make desserts in their free time. The Christmas season is the perfect time to make them happy. For the perfect dessert you need much more than a bowl and a whisk. Whether it's a sophisticated recipe book or useful gadgets for preparation, these are the best. gifts for the most passionate amateur pastry chefs!

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For the more precise

Controlling the weight of sugar, vanilla, or spices can be quite challenging, especially for small amounts. the ideal solution to speed up this process is the spoon with built-in scale. Because with the spoon the products can be removed directly from the container and weighed. This not only saves time for sweet recipes, but also helps less mess.

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For the less experienced

A non-stick Teflon pan, to ensure that your creations remain intact even when they are served.
With two different, interchangeable bases for cakes, pies, donuts and quick desserts.

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For the more curious

600 sweet recipes and an entire chapter dedicated to decorations.
To always know what to prepare for every occasion and above all, how to do it!

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We love cupcakes

Small, colorful, imaginative and absolutely delicious. The cupcakes are perfect for any brunch and together with the Christmas cookies, preparing them and making them a package, could be an excellent cheap and original gift idea.
But to make it happen, you need the right kit! Here is one, complete with pastry bags, molds and nozzles to give your cupcakes the shape you prefer.

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The queen of the kitchen: the planetary mixer!

If what you are looking for is a gift with a capital "r", it is useless to look further: the planetary mixer is the right gift for anyone who does not have it yet. Convenient, useful and practically indispensable for cooking enthusiasts.
Yes, it's a pretty expensive kitchen tool, but check out these Kenwood and Kitchen Aid models we have selected for you. They are discounted up to 52%!

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