Weekly horoscope from 8 to 14 February 2021: a special Valentine's Day for air signs!

Aries: the right person could come ...

Dear Aries, your week begins with two days of unfavorable moon, in which you may feel more nervous than usual ... Don't worry: the stars are on your side! Between Wednesday and Thursday some nice surprises may already arrive in the workplace, while a beautiful favorable Venus promises you a Valentine's Day full of emotions. For singles, the period is favorable for new encounters… the right person may arrive!

Taurus: love will triumph!

Dear Taurus, this week will be quite agitated for your sign, which will have to deal with Mercury and Venus in an unfavorable position. Furthermore, Mars in conjunction will make you more warlike than ever: woe to make you angry! Fortunately, at the weekend you will be able to count on a beautiful moon that will be able to sweeten your soul: Valentine's Day promises to be a bit tense, but in the end it will be love and passion that will triumph over small quarrels!

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Gemini: lucky week!

Dear Gemelli, another lucky week awaits you, both from a sentimental and a working point of view. Wednesday and Thursday you will have a beautiful favorable moon, which could help you - together with Jupiter and Mercury - to close a contract or in any case to reach an important goal in the professional field. Favorable Venus assures you luck in love, but beware at the weekend: some tension could arise between you and your partner ...

Cancer: opposite moon ...

Dear Cancer, your week does not start in the best way: on Mondays and Tuesdays the moon in opposition will make you seem like nothing is going right! On Friday, Saturday and Sunday - on the contrary - you will realize that the situation is less tragic than expected, and you will be able to count on a beautiful sky ready to strengthen your love story or, if you are single, to encourage new encounters that could be destined to last.

Leo: need to relax ...

Dear Leo, unfortunately the planet Venus will remain in opposition to your sign also this week. Love will bring tension and quarrels into your life, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when the moon will also be opposite. On the weekend, however, you may be able to find some peace of mind, but on condition that you leave work problems aside: it is not an easy time, you need to relax and get rid of some stress!

Virgo: time for doubts ...

Dear Virgo, this week you will be feeling rather thoughtful: some more doubts about your relationship may emerge, especially on the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the moon will be in opposition: get ready for a Valentine's weekend that is anything but relaxing, in which you will risk getting nervous quite easily ... At work, however, the moon will favor you in the first part of the week, when you'll have a little more luck on your side.

Libra: more loved than ever!

Dear Libra, are you ready to experience a Valentine's weekend full of passion and romance? A beautiful Venus in the sign of Aquarius will be ready to give you - for the whole week - a lot of luck in terms of feelings. You will feel more loved than ever! Occasions or confirmations could also arrive at work, especially possible on lucky moon days, Wednesday and Thursday.

Scorpio: what a stress!

Dear Scorpio, in this very stressful time you would need to devote more time and care to yourself. Mars in opposition makes you feel tired and lacking in energy, while continuous requests and requests continue to arrive from the outside, whether it is professional or family problems. In love you will have to deal with an unfavorable Venus, which could bring some doubts or second thoughts ... Check now if yours is a sign led to betray:

Sagittarius: a lot of passion!

Dear Sagittarius, your sign is experiencing a very positive period, especially from a sentimental point of view. Favorable Venus continues to give your relationship new stimuli and that sense of passion and adventure that someone like you must never miss, or the risk is to get tired easily! The luckiest days of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday. Some tension, however, at the weekend.

Capricorn: deeds, not words!

Dear Capricorn, your week starts off great, with a beautiful moon in conjunction on Monday and Tuesday, which will be super lucky! Favorable Mars gives you great strength and a lot of extra energy. Moreover, at the weekend, you can count once again on the favor of the moon, which will make your Valentine's Day decidedly romantic, but without too many frills ... just as you like it: for Capricorns, facts count, not words!

Aquarius: Valentine's Day with Venus in the sign!

Dear Aquarius, a Valentine's Day with Venus in conjunction can only be special! The planet of love promises to surprise you, giving you adventure, passion, dreams ... everything you are looking for in a relationship. Super-lucky days will be those of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will also shine in your sign, together with Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter: a winning combination that will give you a lot of positive energy!

Pisces: romantic moon on Valentine's Day!

Dear Pisces, on this Valentine's Day weekend the moon will shine in conjunction in your sign: this means that the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be full of emotions, passion and romance! Even singles will find a way to have fun: even if you don't have a partner by your side, you will realize that you are surrounded by many people who care about you and on whom you can always count!

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