How to make your bedroom look more luxurious

Taking care of your bedroom is necessary! After all, it is the first and last room of our day and to start off on the right foot it is important to focus on the right accessories that will immediately give you a sense of serenity.
It sounds strange, but for a luxurious bedroom you don't need to overspend, instead focus on simplicity and a few details that will give you a great final effect.

Find out with us what they are and where to find them!

1. Simple but quality sheets

A touch of freshness and softness to your bed with this duvet cover set from AmazonBasics. The duvet cover will provide an additional layer of warmth for comfort that lasts all year round, season after season.
The set includes two pillowcases and the duvet cover sheet entirely in 400 thread-count cotton, soft and breathable.

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2. Glam wallpaper

A 10 meter sheet of self-adhesive vinyl to give an ultra glam touch to your home.
If you don't have pictures or mirrors above the headboard, decorate the wall or just the perimeter of the bed with this wallpaper for an "immediate feeling of extreme luxury, for less than 20 euros!"

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3. Scented designer candles

In the place of relaxation par excellence, scented candles cannot be missing!
A set of two candles with beautiful and particularly decorative packaging.
Vanilla and coconut or blue lotus: the coconut aroma prevails, while the lotus combines notes of lemon and lily of the valley. These mysterious and refreshing floral fragrances capture the essence of your meditative life.

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4. Suspended indoor plants

Indoor plants are incredibly chic.
This hanging macrame shelf easily hangs from the ceiling, ideal for displaying your beautiful, vases, books, or decorations. Create an original decoration for the bedroom, beautiful, geometric and very trendy!


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