Weekly horoscope from November 26 to December 2, 2018: Mercury in Scorpio!

Aries: Sunday of Fire!

Dear Aries, don't worry if your week seems to start off on the wrong foot. The unfavorable moon on Monday will create discontent and setbacks, but starting from Tuesday the situation will improve. Be careful, however, on Sunday: the moon and Venus in opposition could generate strong quarrels with your partner, misunderstandings that are difficult to heal if you are unable to remain calm!

Taurus: Mercury returns opposite ...

Dear Toro, are you really sure that you have done everything possible to carry out your projects? Don't waste time: until Sunday the stars will be ready to come to your rescue, giving you contacts and opportunities. Starting next week, however, Mercury in opposition could create blocks. Bet everything on lucky moon days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Love will support you.

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Gemini: a sigh of relief!

Dear Gemini, six more days of Mercury in opposition and then, finally, you can breathe a good sigh of relief! Starting from Sunday, in fact, it will become easier for your sign to solve problems in the workplace and find the necessary agreements with bosses, colleagues and acquaintances. Meanwhile, bet everything on Tuesday and Wednesday, the luckiest of the week, and avoid making requests and proposals between Thursday and Friday.

Cancer: a super Monday!

Dear Cancer, your week starts with a super lucky day, with the moon in conjunction! There may be some good news or an unexpected opportunity. The days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday will also be very lucky. Unfortunately, it is on the sentimental front that some more tension arises, due to unfavorable Venus ... Find out immediately if you or your partner are signs led to betrayal:

Leo: Mercury unfavorable ...

Dear Leone, this is a lucky period for your sign, of great recovery, both on the work front and on the sentimental one. The days of Tuesday and Wednesday, with the moon in conjunction, will be really super: expect good news, meetings and opportunities to be seized! From next week, unfortunately, some problems could arise in the office due to the disfavor of Mercury: therefore make the most of its energy until Friday.

Virgo: be patient ...

Dear Virgo, try to have a little more patience: until Sunday, the planet Mercury could play tricks on you, especially in the workplace. However, as early as the following week, you will notice a good recovery. Meanwhile, enjoy a super lucky moon in conjunction on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It will be three days full of emotions, in which love will be the real protagonist.

Libra: at the top!

Dear Libra, this will be a very peaceful week for your sign and full of beautiful surprises! Venus in conjunction promises you great emotions and meetings not to be forgotten, while Mercury - favorable until Sunday - is ready to offer you new opportunities, successes and confirmations in the workplace. Super lucky Sunday day with the moon in the sign. The only flaw: Monday, which risks being a bit nervous.

Scorpio: welcome back, Mercury!

Dear Scorpio, great news for your sign: starting from Sunday the planet Mercury will be in conjunction again! So, in the coming weeks, get ready to receive unexpected proposals, promotions or positive responses regarding your projects. In the meantime, try to be patient and avoid coming forward, especially on days with an unfavorable moon, those of Tuesday and Wednesday. Luckiest day of the week: Monday.

Sagittarius: don't waste time!

Dear Sagittarius, this week you should not waste time: Mercury will remain in conjunction until Sunday and you should take advantage of it to resolve outstanding business issues, or to make proposals or requests. Love is favored by the beautiful appearance of Venus, which offers meetings full of passion, especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Capricorn: Mercury will act in your favor!

Dear Capricorn, Venus unfavorable continues to give you a hard time: with your partner the tension will be tangible and finding an agreement and a dialogue, especially in the very nervous day of Monday, will be difficult. Good news, however, on the labor front: starting from Sunday, Mercury will no longer be unfavorable and finally interesting situations will be able to unlock and you may receive the answers you have been waiting for a long time.

Aquarius: take advantage of Mercury until Sunday!

Dear Aquarius, make the most of the position of Mercury, favorable to your sign until Sunday: from next week, finding opportunities and contacts - especially in the professional sphere - may no longer be so simple. Favorable Venus helps your relationship make important strides. But be careful not to fight over a trifle on the nervous days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Pisces: a tough test ...

Dear Pisces, one more week of unfavorable Mercury and, starting as early as Sunday, things will start to turn for the right! Everything that now seems unsurpassable to you, especially work-related issues, will soon become easily resolvable. Be patient and don't give up, even if the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday - with a bad moon in opposition - will put you to the test.

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