Weekly horoscope from 24 to 30 September 2018: heart problems for Taurus!

Aries: count to 10!

Dear Aries, this week you will have to be very careful what you say: choosing the right words and not acting too instinctively will be essential in order not to ruin a relationship, personal or work. The opposition of Mercury, in fact, makes communication with those around you difficult. Bet everything on the days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when you will have the moon in your sign and luck will be on your side!

Taurus: the moon helps you!

Dear Taurus, the opposition of Venus, unfortunately, continues to torment you and heart problems suck all your energy away! The best strategy to recover some serenity? Bet everything on the days of Friday and Saturday, in which you can count on the moon in conjunction: take the opportunity to organize something with your partner, away from everyday worries, and talk from the heart in your hand as you have not been able to do so far.

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Gemini: a super Sunday!

Dear Gemelli, your week begins with an unfavorable moon Monday, but do not despair: on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the good mood and the desire to do will return. Favorable Mercury helps you make agreements at work and personal friendships. Sunday will be a really super day, with the moon in the sign: some unexpected good news could come or an equally unexpected passion could break out ...

Cancer: you will make conquests!

Dear Cancer, with such a bright Venus you can only conquer! For those of you who were already in a couple, you will find yourself experiencing a very special and intense week from a sentimental point of view. At work, however, unfavorable Mercury creates some hitch or slowdown ... Pay particular attention to the days of unfortunate moon, those of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The situation improves between Friday and Saturday.

Leo: partner problems ...

Dear Leone, unfortunately things with your partner still don't work out: unfavorable Venus makes the situation more and more tense and you will feel the desire to be a little on your own. Favorable Mercury, on the other hand, gives you interesting encounters and news, especially in the first part of the week. Unfortunately, Friday and Saturday will be quite nervous days. Find out immediately with us which are the best adjectives to describe yourself:

Virgo: opposite moon ...

Dear Virgo, your week opens with a decidedly tense Monday, in which the moon in opposition will generate a bit of discontent and general malaise. You will have to wait until the weekend to fully recover! In terms of feelings, you can count on Venus on your side: even if tensions may arise with your partner, together you will be able to dissolve them and rediscover the serenity of the couple.

Libra: anything can happen!

Dear Libra, with Mercury in your sign, anything can happen! There will be no shortage of news and, especially in the workplace, you will prove that you have an edge. Be careful, however, not to get too tired, especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which could be quite stressful. Single girls would do well to keep their eyes peeled, especially on weekends - interesting encounters are planned!

Scorpio: long live love!

Dear Scorpio, also this week you can count on Venus in conjunction, which gives you love, passion and all the feeling that your little heart (after all, romantic) needs! Singles could meet a special person, especially on Monday ... Between Friday and Saturday, however, the moon in opposition could create a bit of tension and some bad mood: for a gallant date, it's better to choose Sunday!

Sagittarius: Mercury helps you!

Dear Sagittarius, you have a lot of plans in mind, but you don't feel particularly focused. Mercury this week helps you focus and put some order in your life: you will come out stronger and more confident than before! Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be days of luck, when every door will be opened to you. Instead, pay attention to Sunday, when the moon will be in opposition and you risk feeling a little down.

Capricorn: problems at work ...

Dear Capricorn, it's true: in the last period your work situation is not giving you the satisfaction you deserve. All the fault of an unfavorable Mercury that complicates the relationship with bosses and colleagues and creates blocks in your path. Don't worry: the music is about to change soon! In the meantime, focus on your feelings: favorable Venus gives you love and passion as it hasn't happened for some time ...

Aquarius: tantalizing news!

Dear Aquarius, yours will be a week full of opportunities and twists, guaranteed by a nice favorable Mercury, ready to tease you with the kind of news and encounters that you love so much. Unfortunately, however, you will have to deal with the disfavor of Venus, which will create complications and tensions in the sentimental field. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be lucky days, favored by the moon. Days off: Friday and Saturday.

Pisces: an extra gear!

Dear Pisces, this week you will realize that you have a very special person by your side, whom you may have recently underestimated or neglected a little ... Friday and Saturday in particular will be two days full of emotions and, for some of you, definitely hot! Monday super-favorable day: the moon in the sign gives you an edge and helps you get the feedback you are looking for, both in the family and at work.

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