Weekly horoscope from 1 to 7 October 2018: hold on, Arietine!

Aries: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Aries, hold on tight: this week you have to put up with the opposition of Mercury again, which creates difficulties in communicating with others, both in the family and at work. Try not to get too nervous, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when you will also have an unfavorable moon. Thursday and Friday will be decidedly quieter days, while the weekend dedicated to affections and leave aside other thoughts!

Taurus: penis of love ...

Dear Taurus, with Venus in opposition there is no joking: the time has come to face the problems and try to deal with them as a couple. Of course, communication with your partner will not be easy, but it is necessary for two of you to want to overcome this difficult moment. The best days to try will be those of Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Better to avoid arguments, however, on the nervous days of Thursday and Friday.

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Gemini: moon in conjunction!

Dear Gemini, your week starts in a great way with the moon in conjunction on Monday: expect some good news or some opportunity to catch on the fly. At work you work perfectly and your merits will be recognized. Thursday and Friday are also lucky, while between Saturday and Sunday some misunderstanding could arise ... Are you jealous of your partner? Check immediately if his sign is inclined to betray:

Cancer: long live love!

Dear Cancer, this week will be very lucky from a sentimental point of view, with a beautiful Venus ready to protect your relationship and give you new emotions. It will not be as favorable, however, from a working point of view: Mercury could create some blocks. Bet everything on the really super days of Tuesday and Wednesday, when you have the moon in conjunction. Weekend dedicated to passion.

Leo: discussions with partners ...

Dear Leone, this will be a week full of satisfactions on the working front: Favorable Mercury gives you confirmations and successes, especially on the super-lucky days of Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, matters of the heart are not as favored: Venus hinders your serenity as a couple and you and your partner could have heated discussions ... Try to avoid conflict and listen to her point of view too.

Virgo: hours of passion!

Dear Virgo, your week begins with a rather nervous Monday, in which an unfavorable moon will make you feel in a bad mood… It will be much better between Tuesday and Wednesday, when some good news may arrive. Super-lucky, however, will be the days of Saturday and Sunday, with the moon in conjunction: love will give you great satisfaction, thanks to a favorable Venus ready to give you hours of passion ...

Libra: great!

Dear Libra, Mercury in your sign helps you achieve important goals. Don't waste time, then, and focus on your goals: you could receive excellent news as early as Monday or Thursday and Friday, when the moon will also act in your favor. On the sentimental front, you may feel a bit bored: don't throw in the towel and find some imaginative way with your partner to break the routine.

Scorpio: romantic weekend!

Dear Scorpio, this is the right time to take your relationship to the next level. As long as you want it, of course. Venus in conjunction strengthens bonds, makes them grow: you will feel an understanding and a desire stronger than ever in your life as a couple! The weekend will be particularly romantic and passionate, with the moon also ready to foster your bond. Some nervousness, however, could arise between Thursday and Friday.

Sagittarius: opposite moon ...

Dear Sagittarius, your week begins with a not-so-lucky Monday: the moon in opposition won't make you fit one! Do not despair, these are temporary slowdowns and hitches, and already from Tuesday the situation will be more favorable. The best days of the week, when some unexpected good news could arrive, are those of Thursday and Friday. Be careful at the weekend not to trigger discussions with your partner, they could escalate.

Capricorn: in love ...

Dear Capricorn, love this week will be your strength: you can count on your partner in times of difficulty and he will always be there, ready to support you, as a beautiful Venus promises. Tuesday and Wednesday will be rather heavy days, with the moon in opposition: problems could occur at work, especially in relations with bosses and colleagues, which the disfavor of Mercury makes more complicated than expected.

Aquarius: relationship problems ...

Dear Aquarius, the tension with the partner this week will be skyrocketing, especially in the very nervous days of Thursday and Friday, when - to an unfavorable Venus - the moon in opposition will be added. Try to understand how you feel and approach the problem openly. Fortunately, on the working front, great satisfactions await you: seize the opportunities that may arise, starting as early as Monday!

Pisces: Venus is on your side!

Dear Pisces, for a sentimental type like you, things couldn't be better! Favorable Venus in this period gives you a lot of satisfaction from an emotional point of view, making your relationship grow or, if you are single, favoring encounters. The best days of the week will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. On Saturday and Sunday, however, you may feel a little down or in a bad mood: all the fault of the opposite moon.

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