Weekly horoscope from May 28th to June 3rd 2018: Mercury enters Gemini!

Aries: good news!

Dear Aries, this week brings good news for your sign: starting from Tuesday, the planet Mercury will return to smile at you and the chances of success will multiply! You will be much more sought after and in demand than usual, a true leader. At work, some good news could arrive as early as Wednesday. Instead, pay attention to the second part of the week, which will be tense from the point of view of feelings ... Check immediately if you frequent a sign that leads to betrayal:

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Taurus: a heavy start ...

Dear Toro, this week begins with a rather heavy Monday, made nervous by the opposition of the moon ... up with the mood, the planets guarantee success to all your endeavors! Above all, it will be love that will give you great satisfaction: you will feel feelings grow inside you that you haven't had for a long time. The days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be especially lucky, while on Sunday there could be some discussion.

Gemini: welcome, Mercury!

Dear Gemelli, I hope you are ready for anything, because starting from Tuesday it can happen any! The planet Mercury, which has a certain predilection for your sign, comes into conjunction and is ready to give you endless opportunities and adventures, all to be seized! Pay attention only to the days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the moon in opposition could make you feel some more discomfort.

Cancer: days of love!

Dear Cancer, Venus continues to give you days full of love. With your partner, the relationship strengthens and you can finally feel pampered and supported in your choices. Some of you may decide to take a step forward in your life as a couple… Monday will be the best day from the working point of view, with the favor of Mercury and a beautiful lucky moon. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, however, the opposite moon creates a bit of a bad mood.

Leone: ready to reassemble!

Dear Leo, your sign this week is ready for a comeback! Starting from Tuesday, Mercury will become favorable and will help you take all the revenge you want. The working environment will be favored: the luckiest days will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday, accompanied by a beautiful moon. Some discussion in the family or in the couple, on the other hand, is foreseen on the opposite moon day on Sunday.

Virgo: luckily there is love ...

Dear Virgo, the planet of love continues to be on your side and gives you another beautiful week full of emotions and mutual understanding with your partner. Unfortunately, however, it will be the work environment that will cause you some more trouble, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when you will no longer have Mercury to support you and the moon will row against you. Don't lose faith in your projects: it will get better in the following days.

Libra: long live Mercury!

Dear Libra, this week - finally - the planet Mercury returns to support you and all the relational difficulties of the last period will find a happy resolution. Tuesday and Wednesday will be very beautiful days from the working point of view, in which news and unexpected opportunities await you. In love, on the other hand, unfavorable Venus continues to create tensions: especially attentive to the days of Fridays and Saturdays.

Scorpio: new opportunities!

Dear Scorpio, with such a beautiful Venus it is possible that in this period (or that you have already found) the right partner for you: do not miss it! Your week begins with a splendid moon in conjunction and continues, on Tuesday, with the end of the opposition of Mercury: finally, even at work, things will begin to work again for the best. New projects and opportunities in sight!

Sagittarius: opposite Mercury ...

Dear Sagittarius, unfortunately there is no good news for your sign this week ... Starting from Tuesday, in fact, the planet Mercury will come into opposition to your sign, creating obstacles and difficulties, especially in the field of work. Luckily you have the moon in conjunction to support you on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which will give you an extra bit of luck. At the weekend, forget about work and treat yourself to a little relaxation!

Capricorn: moon in conjunction!

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately the planet Venus continues to row against you, and your sentimental situation is becoming more and more complicated and difficult to manage. If everything goes well at work, doubts and quarrels will be on the agenda on the love front. But no anxiety: three consecutive days of moon in conjunction await you (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), in which you will experience a good recovery and you will be able to recover some serenity.

Aquarius: a sigh of relief!

Dear Aquarius, this week you can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Mercury stops being unfavorable to your sign and, starting from Tuesday, the problems that tormented you in the last period will find a solution: especially at work, two days of great recovery await you, that of Tuesday and Wednesday. In love, expect endless emotions on a really super day on Sunday!

Pisces: problems at work ...

Dear Pisces, a period of recovery from a sentimental point of view continues for your sign: favorable Venus gives you the opportunity to make interesting encounters if you are single, or to strengthen your relationship if you are already in a couple. At work, however, difficulties may arise, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when Mercury will no longer be on your side and you will also have a moon in an unfavorable position ...

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