3 simple steps to get a radiant face in the morning

It is likely that you, like so many other women in the world, do not believe that getting up early in the morning to carry out a very long beauty ritual and with several layers of makeup included is the best solution to have a radiant face.

We all know that quality sleep, lots of water and a (short) beauty routine are enough to have fresher skin. But if your sleep hours are currently shorter than usual, or you've had a full week and your face is suffering the consequences, don't worry: these 3 simple steps will help you have a brighter face instantly!

1. Choose a shirt with a bright color

In the early morning it is very common to have a slightly pale face, mainly in the cheek area. To get a fresher, brighter and more colorful complexion you don't necessarily need to put on a lot of makeup - you can add a brightly colored T-shirt to your look. The red, orange or intense yellow color provide more brightness to the face and immediately give a more rosy appearance to our cheeks.

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To enrich your image instead of turning it off it is extremely important that you choose a color that perfectly matches your skin tone. If your skin tone is dull, choose a shade like pink or fuchsia. If, on the other hand, your complexion focuses more on gold or brown tones, you can choose between orange, apricot or magenta.

Apricot sweater Makeup

This viscose, polyester and polyamide sweater gives a pop of color to any minimalist look. With the slightly high crew neck and long sleeves, this model will surely be able to add that extra brightness to olive-skinned faces.

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Find light red sweater

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This model with long sleeves from Find has a beautiful color, ideal for lighter skin. It is made of 69% Polyacrylic, 28% Polyester, 3% Elastane, and its bow detail on the back makes the model even more original. If you think this color is not for you, you can find the pink variant for sale on Amazon.

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2. A good eye contour cream to remove signs of fatigue

If in the morning you see that your eyes are swollen and bags appear around them, it is not necessary to cover them with corrective agents: with this anti-fatigue cream by Nutreplus you will be able to quickly eliminate the signs of fatigue thanks to its triple action, which moisturizes, eliminates wrinkles and gives an anti-aging effect to your skin. It is perfect for all skin types and visibly reduces the first signs of aging.

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3. Focus on lipsticks with bright colors

The secret of bloggers and influencers to show a fresh and rested face even in the early hours of the day is quite simple: a lipstick with bright colors. Classic red shades are perfect, but you can also go for a deep pink color.

Tip: lipsticks with cool colors like pink or cherry red make your teeth even whiter, try them!

Maybelline New York Matte Liquid Lipstick

The Maybelline New York Super Stay lipstick range has numerous shades to choose from, all of which are ideal for adding a radiant touch to your face. Without a doubt, our favorite shade is number "117 - Ground-Breaker".

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Bonus: bright bio blush

If you want to complete your radiant look, try applying a little pink blush on the cheeks. It only takes 3 seconds and you are ready! Our favorite is this from the Avril brand: a luminous bio-blush that does not contain harsh skin products.

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