Hygge lifestyle: the cuddly Scandinavian way of life in your routine

The 2018 UN World Happiness Report confirmed that the happiest countries in the world are all Nordic: Finland is first in the ranking, followed by Norway from Denmark.

The report, published annually, presents a list of the 156 happiest countries in the world by analyzing essential positive factors such as income, life expectancy, health, work and education. Negative factors such as freedom of expression, and the level of corruption are also taken into account. For all these elements, the Nordics have the absolute best results.

Their secret is not exactly new: in these countries a great attention to sustainability, welfare and the "investment in" innovation and culture is common. But this does not come only from good political management ... it is above all cultural. The lifestyle called hygge has become much more than a simple lifestyle trend, it is already a cultural characteristic typical of the Nordic people that guarantees a fuller and simpler life.

What exactly is hygge style?

Hygge is one of those words that cannot be translated, only lived. It is used to define a simple, almost frugal way of life, focused on the small joys of every day and the in-depth research of the things that make the individual and his community ever happier and more serene.

Enjoying a great cup of tea alone while reading a book, sitting on the couch with the people you love, or setting a beautiful table full of delicious home-made recipes with a group of friends are just a few small examples of the hygge experience. A warm and welcoming home is also one of the main elements of this cultural movement: your home is your sanctuary, a nest where you can recharge your energy and you will share small (and precious) moments of joy with your loved ones.

Spread around the world since 2016 thanks to the best-selling book "Hygge.The Danish way to happiness ", the lifestyle of Danish origin is now very well known and appreciated and has become a cultural tradition in its country of origin and in the neighboring ones. If you too want to introduce the values ​​of this movement into your routine, thanks to this article you will find out what are the elements that cannot be missing!

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Discover the fundamentals of the Hygge lifestyle

Before introducing any new lifestyle into your routine, it is essential that you know its theory, origins and main goals. Also, it is important that you are clear about what you want to improve in your routine, or what habits in your life you would like to change. True, it is not simple and not even fast, but this will allow you to introduce your new habits successfully!

If you want to live the hygge experience in a complete way, we recommend that you first read the "bible" of this lifestyle: "Hygge. The Danish way to happiness", written by the director of the "Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Meik Wiking. how to bring hygge into our everyday life: it ranges from furnishing and styling tips to how to organize a dinner with your friends at your home. A new world to explore!

This book is on sale on Amazon, in the hardcover version for € 15.21 and also in the Kindle version for € 9.99.

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The perfect decor: hygge design elements for a cozier home.

The organization of the house is one of the cornerstones of the hygge lifestyle: it is considered as a sanctuary, a refuge where you and the people you love can rest and share happy moments! Having a home furnished in a pleasant, bright and welcoming way is therefore important for a simpler and happier life.

Tip: try to focus on minimalist and quality design elements and don't forget to keep an aroma diffuser with essential oils on to add a touch of perfume and well-being to your home!

Let's keep warm: DecoKing's perfect blanket for cold days

Bed or sofa? Is indifferent! If you want to make your favorite cuddle spot much warmer and more loving, a nice warm blanket is a must! This microfiber model from the DecoKing brand is ideal for keeping your sweetheart and / or puppies warm and can be used as a blanket or bedspread. It is available in different sizes and is suitable for washing in the washing machine at 40 °. Amazon reviews bring back countless satisfied customers!

For a lighter and more delicate furniture, consistent with the hygge style, we recommend you focus on neutral colors but, if you don't like the proposed shade, the seller offers a number of other neutral colors such as sand, gray and white.

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Everyone at the table! Set a beautiful and loving table with these tableware from Sweejar Home

There is nothing more enjoyable than a table full of friends and family! If you are someone who particularly loves these special moments, you can create a cheerful atmosphere for your guests: this set of 4 porcelain plates with hand-painted cherries from Sweetjar brings the best hygge style to your home! They are dishwasher safe, microwave and oven and are ideally sized for serving both first and second courses.

We recommend that you combine them with wooden and metal cutlery, glasses in green and red colored glass and salad bowls and soup plates of the same brand.

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Modern and versatile lighting: Tomons LED table lamp

A bright and warm light environment creates the perfect atmosphere to make your home become more hygge. We suggest you give preference to minimalist wooden models with neutral colors and a lens hood to soften the intensity of the light. This Tomons lamp model is made of the highest quality materials and is easy to assemble and disassemble. The package contains the desk lamp, cable and a LED bulb (ecological, durable and does not overheat).

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Fashion: bring the hygge lifestyle into your clothes!

The last step in getting fully involved in the hygge style is to try to make your shopping habits more frugal. Gone are the days when quantity was better than quality: try to make your routine and your buying culture more sustainable and focus on quality (both product and time). Here we go back to talking about neutral shades and soft and comfortable materials, because the main movement of this lifestyle is to focus on well-being and pleasure for simple things.

Oodji long sleeve sweater

This Oodji brand sweater is made of 85% polyacrylic and 15% wool, it is comfortable, elegant and has a very special price! It is perfect if you want to combine it with a midi skirt with casual ankle boots or simply with skinny jeans together with a nice wool coat and important accessories.

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Yuson Girl winter scarf

This beautiful scarf will be your ideal winter companion: it is nice warm and voluminous (180cm long and 60cm wide), it can be used as a simple scarf and also as an elegant shoulder cover. Perfect when combined with soft woolen clothes or oversized sweaters in neutral tones and flat shoes, such as moccasins or sneakers.

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Berydale ankle boots

No more cold feet! There is nothing more pleasant than arriving home after a long day at work, taking a nice hot shower and getting comfortable in a soft sweatshirt and these faux fur lined ankle boots. Its rubber sole ensures that your feet stay protected from the cold floor. Beautiful and super consistent with the hygge style!

If you think these clear models are not for you, try looking at the gray and black versions as well.

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