Planetary mixer: here's which one to choose

The kitchen: the place where the family gathers, creates, experiments, relaxes.
Cooking is a necessity but often it is also a real passion and, let's face it, we Italians have it in our blood!

This is why we love good food and we know that without the high quality of ingredients and accessories, it is not possible to obtain the right recipe.

One of the most popular accessories in recent years is the planetary mixer.
Born more than 100 years ago, it has evolved over the years, until recently, a period in which it was reserved for professional use in restaurant kitchens and the models on the market, even for private use, were very expensive!

Today, fortunately, we can count on a wide choice of professional models, all accessible.
For domestic use, prices range from 100 to 1000 euros.
Unfortunately, it is not advisable to buy a planetary mixer for less than 100 euros, as the quality of the materials and the motor must be very high, to prevent the appliance from overheating when it comes into contact with ingredients that are more difficult to work with.

We have compiled a list of the main features to study when you want to buy a "planetary mixer by taking advantage of the spring offers on Amazon, from March 27 to April 7, to win a new infallible appliance that will give your kitchen that extra edge!"

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Why buy a "planetary mixer?"

The planetary mixer is an essential accessory mainly for pastry, but also for baked goods in general and for doughs.
If you love homemade desserts or pizza and pasta, it will be a useful and necessary tool in your kitchen, which you will never be able to do without!
The difference between a manual dough and one made with the special machine is, first of all, less effort for you! Furthermore, the consistency of the dough does not undergo variations due to the heat of your hands, leaving the mixture intact and perfect. After all, cooking is science !
And speaking of science, the name "planetary" derives from the motion of the machine that rotates (just like the planets) managing to collect and work all the dough, reaching every inch of the bowl.

How does a planetary work?

Its main functions are: whipping, amalgamating, mixing, kneading. Just put the ingredients in the bowl (usually plastic or steel) and turn it on.

Depending on the type of preparation you are going to do, each planetary mixer has 3 different types of whisk:

  • the leaf whisk (also called K) that replaces the wooden spoon, suitable for medium-processing ingredients such as flour, butter or eggs, able to collect all the mixture from the bowl, during processing

  • the wire whisk, similar to that of the whisk, perfect for whipping cream or egg whites and for soft ingredients such as creams.

  • the hook whisk, a real hook the size of a hand that collects, lifts and kneads. Ideal for pasta, shortbread, leavened compounds.

Which one to choose?

In the multitude of models offered by the market, first of all we recommend that you evaluate more products.
A planetary mixer is not a cheap purchase, which is why it is best to take some time and compare the characteristics of several items.

On Amazon, from March 27 to April 7, there are exclusive discounts on household appliances and it is the best time to buy usually quite expensive accessories such as planetary machines.
We have selected some of the best models on offer on Amazon, to guide you in your choice.

Choose a "powerful mixer!

A good planetary mixer has at least 500 watts of power.
The powerful wattage is not related to the speed of the machine, but to its strength, a fundamental element to prevent the mixer from overheating during processing or breaking after a short time. After all, it is an investment!

Capabilities and functions

If when you cook, you do it for the whole family and friends, you will need large quantities of ingredients and consequently, a good capacity of the mixer.
An optimal capacity starts from 4.5 liters.
In addition, there are mixers that have more functions, such as cooking, different accessories and more working intensity.

The price ratio

When it comes to discounts, there is often the temptation to buy the cheapest model, but be careful!
Evaluate the quality of the materials (the best are in certified and resistant plastic and steel), the credibility of the brand, the quantity of accessories offered.
We advise you to choose a well-known brand: in case of problems, large companies have a more effective and attentive customer service.
Here are the best models chosen by the editors:

The best model: Kenwood KCC9048S


Kenwood is one of the leading brands in mixers. Its products, in fact, are often used in professional kitchens but you will surely have seen them in Masterchef kitchens!
Powerful and multifunctional, but above all discounted by 33%!
This Kenwood model is one of the top models of the brand.
With its 1500 watts of power, and its 6.7 liters of capacity, it has an induction cooking function.
It has 8 processing speeds, Pulse function, 3 selectable speeds during cooking, in short, a planetary mixer worthy of a professional, this week you can buy it saving 475 euros!

Buy on Amazon for € 974.99

The most equipped: KitchenAid 5K45SSEWH

KitchenAid is also a very reliable brand in terms of appliances and food processors.
Here are its main features:

  • 10 speeds available
  • 10 accessories available
  • 4.3 L stainless steel bowl
  • Easy to clean and use

From March 27th to April 7th it is 42% discounted, saving you 220 euros!

© Buy on Amazon for € 299.00

Best value for money Kenwood KM242 Prospero

Also by Kenwood, a smaller but powerful and efficient planetary mixer for less than 150 euros!
900 watts of power, 4.3 liter capacity, brushed stainless steel, 3 different processing speeds, blender and juicer included.
A perfect model for those who want to buy a mixer even if they are not a skilled cook. Easy to use and functional, discounted by 37%, it will save you 81 euros!


Buy on Amazon for € 144.99 <

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