5 reasons why MasterChef 8 will be the best edition of all!

After MasterChef All Stars, which saw Michele Cannistraro triumph, better known as the Cannibal, we do not even have time to recover that we are already facing "another edition, and luckily! That's right, we are now close to the beginning" real MasterChef 8 and from the very first tastings we had in last week's preselections, we can say that it promises to be a "decidedly rich and compelling edition. In short, we can't wait to get to know the 20 competitors who will enter the competition and to see them at work between stoves, pressure tests and mystery boxes. All obviously under the eyes of the four judges, who, let's face it, are the real salt of the competition.

We are ready to bet that this will be the most beautiful edition ever. Why? For these 5 very simple reasons!

1. The new chef, Giorgio Locatelli!

First of all, we must say that the entry of the new chef immediately made itself felt. Sympathetic, genuine, humble and straightforward, Giorgio Locatelli was just what we were waiting for. He fits perfectly into the group of three judges - now well-established - and he wins a place of his own that fits him perfectly.

Severe and demanding, but ironic and sensitive at the same time, the Italian chef who moved to London with his exquisitely Lombard speech and the unmistakable English touch, has already proved to be a precious element in the line-up, capable of bringing lightness, irony and a breath of humility, difficult to enter without disturbing such a well-balanced set-up, with the perfect couple Barbieri-Cannavacciuolo and the charismatic and unsettling Joe Bastianich, yet he succeeded.

Since the very first episodes, it has in fact revealed its genuine and unfiltered character, proudly showing its roots and making us laugh a lot. In short, we promote him with flying colors and we can't wait to see him at the opera together with his snack companions.

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© Photo taken from the Instagram profile of MasterChef Italia

2. More and more original and effective dishes!

The dishes proposed by the aspiring competitors immediately showed themselves to be definitely of a certain level. In fact, over the years, MasterChef seems to have raised the bar more and more, with highly trained aspiring chefs and anything but amateurs, animated not only by passion, but also by real skills in the field.

Bold combinations and impeccable dishes with an indisputable aesthetic taste have in fact attracted our attention since the first two episodes, giving us tasty and beautiful dishes to look at, worthy of a starred restaurant. In short, if the "beginning is this, there is" to hope! And we already have a mouth watering ...

3. The competitors

We still do not know the squad of 20 competitors who will participate in the competition, but already from the first selections, the aspiring chefs of the most loved TV cooking show have shown that they are quite original and folkloric, tearing us more than a smile. Competent and somewhat sui generis, they gave us many pearls, stimulating the irony and the funny reactions of the four judges. In short, a perfect balance game to combine the substance with a bit of healthy and joyful entertainment, which never hurts.

© Photo taken from the Facebook profile of MasterChef Italia Anna, "speedy" grandmother

4. Ideas and inspirations for DIY dishes!

Yes it's true, it's not easy to recreate the dishes we see on TV, also because we don't know the recipe perfectly, but at least we can steal some ideas, right? In this sense, MasterChef is a great virtual cookery book from which to draw inspiration to vary a little between the stoves and start experimenting freely like a real chef. No precise doses and impeccable passages, but a little inspiration combined with a pinch of imagination to create different dishes and give a new taste to your kitchen. Especially in the matter of combinations and combinations of tastes and flavors, the dishes of the aspiring chefs, always with very original and imaginative names, can give us great ideas. It might be an idea to start watching the program with a notebook and a pencil in your hands, so as not to miss out on valuable tips to try in the kitchen.

For example, among the simplest dishes to replicate - but always among the best - there is pasta. Pasta dishes with savory sauces and an original touch are often the choices of aspiring chefs to impress Barbieri and associates and secure a place in After all, let's face it, pasta always conquers everyone and is a true monument of Italianness that no one can resist.

Pasta, in fact, with its fascinating mix of taste and simplicity, has always been the queen of the MasterChef tests, which has always chosen Voiello pasta; and also in the selections, we saw her as the undisputed protagonist of very tasty dishes that best reproduce our tradition, like that of Anna, the "speedy" grandmother who has already stolen our hearts. After all, you can perhaps question the charm of a plate of pasta?

5. And then ... Bastianich's Italian!

Years go by, but Bastianich's shaky and colorful Italian remains an unshakable certainty to be preserved. It is impossible not to be fascinated by Joe's daring concordances, who can do everything on a linguistic and syntactic level.

And that's okay: what world would it be without Bastianich's Italian?