Personality test: how unpredictable are you?

Being predictable is synonymous with certainty and reliability. For some it is indispensable. For others, predictability is nothing more than a synonym for boredom. In short, a lot is natural predisposition: planning, planning and arranging one's life in a series of plans to be respected, or continually distorting them and making everything a big question mark? There are those who love to be unpredictable, but expect predictability from the other. Or even the opposite. How are you? Before you find out, if you really don't like the unpredictability of others, this video could help you, watch:

Personality test: how unpredictable are you?

What kind of person are you then? A person from whom you always receive what you expect, or one of those who with his mere presence upsets all the cards on the table? Being unpredictable and therefore also a little crazy is not a small responsibility, on several occasions it can complicate your life. Find out how you are, take the test:

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Whether you are unpredictable and crazy or stable and reliable ... how much envy do others feel for you? Find out now with our test:

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